Where Are Termites Most Likely To Occur

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Where Are Termites Most Likely To Occur

Where Are Termites Most Likely To Occur?

There is only one state in the US where termite damage is so rare as to apparently be non-existent. That state is Alaska. In all other states there is some evidence of termite infestation and/or damage. This does not mean that every state is as susceptible as the next; far from it. There are some areas of the country where termite problems are more likely to occur. There are also homes within those areas which are most likely to be affected.

The aim of this article is to take a look at what makes it more likely for termites to be found in an area. We are also going to examine the factors which make a property more open to the likelihood of damage by termites.

The perfect environment for termites

Four environmental factors need to be present, in order for termites to flourish. These factors are;
  • The presence of cellulose; for the termites to eat.
  • The presence of moisture.
  • The availability of protection from natural predators
  • The presence of warmth. 
Taking all of these factors into account, you can start to understand why certain parts of the US are not the perfect environment for termites. Generally, people living in northern states are more likely to experience termite issues caused by affected furniture that has been brought into the property from elsewhere, than they are to face an invasion by native termites. This is because states such as Montana have cold and dry winters which termites cannot survive.

On the other hand, southern states tend to have the type of warm and humid climate that is perfect for termites. This does not mean that every property is equally likely to be infested by termites. There are factors which make it less likely for termites to become a problem.

Which properties are more susceptible to termite problems?

We have already explained the type of environment that termites are most attracted to. They need to be able to eat cellulose and live in place that is warm and damp. This means that properties which contain a lot of untreated wood, are surrounded by plant debris, have water leaks or are affected by damp, are more likely to be infested by termites. There are several actions you can take, to make sure that this does not apply to your home.

  • Use treated wood in your home, and make use of other materials where possible. 
  • Make sure that leaks are attended to. 
  • Keep wooden furniture away from walls, and use other types of furniture if you can. 
  • Make sure that items containing cellulose, such as cardboard boxes, are not left lying around. 
  • Hire professional exterminators to carry out regular termite inspections.
  • Keep bushes and trees away from the exterior walls of your home, so that plant debris does not build up.
Even if you live in an area where there is a high level of termite activity, you can reduce the chances of infestation taking place by carrying out all of these actions.

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  1. i'll just drop this here, it might be weird for you but we eat termites.
    The ones that show up during the first rains.
    Even the queen termite is said to be rich in fats and proteins. i never had the liver to eat the queens but the soldiers were salted and dried under sun.

  2. I wouldn't have guessed Alaska! Happy New Year, Lux.