Snowboarding And Other Fun Winter Activities For The Family

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four friends in the snow with snowboarding gears talking happily

Some people like winter, and some people don’t. It could get you stuck inside the house for days. But then, there are many things you can do only during winter, so instead of sulking, why not make the most of it? So here are snowboarding and other fun winter activities for the family to try to take the winter blues away.

Build a snowman

When there’s snow, it’s time to build that snowman. Let kids make their own. This is not only fun but can also develop their creativity and a great way to bond with them.

Elsa and Anna building a snowman
Oh My Disney


You can buy a sled or be resourceful and use a baby tub or lid of large plastic containers. Then, you can sled with your dog. Feel the adrenaline rush sliding through the snow.

Have a hot cup of cocoa

Whether you curl up on your couch in front of the crackling fire inside the house or sit on your porch watching the snow fall, it’s the perfect time for a hot cup of cocoa. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Books or movies

This cold, cozy weather is the best time to start on your reading list. If you’re not into reading, don’t worry. There’s Netflix.

Person reading in front of fireplace

Care for animals

  • If you are freezing inside the house, imagine how it is for animals outside. For example, put out seeds for birds with difficulty finding food. 
  • Leave some warm water (or water with more cordial) for some stray animals to drink. 
  • If you see a stray dog or cat, call the nearest shelter. Or Welcome them into your home with food, water, and some warmth while waiting for someone from the top to pick them up. 
Be a decent human.

Bonfire and s’mores

Gather around a bonfire with your friends and enjoy some s’mores while swapping stories. Just because winter is cold and gloomy doesn’t mean you should be too. Surround yourself with the warmth of companionship and laughter.

Ice skating

Bring out the graceful inner swan in you---or simply enjoy skating on ice. You can play some ice skatings games, like four corners and freeze skating. Just be careful not to hurt or injure yourself.

Peanuts cartoons ice skating
Peanut Skaters

Paint the snow

If you’re tired of looking at the white snow around you, go painting. Have some watercolors and paint the snow. Then, create graffiti or your own work of art. Unleash your inner Vincent Van Gogh.

Go snowboarding

If you’re more into the sporty and daring side, go snowboarding. Learn something new. 

You also get to meet new people and give yourself a natural high. However, remember to take extra precautions and be prepared before going.

Do your own research about the things you need to know or bring. For example, you'll need protective gear like the mips helmet for maximum safety.

Don’t go without snowboard bindings. They are your body’s connection to the board; therefore, you need this connection to be as solid and comfortable as possible.

Also, choose the best all-mountain snowboard. Then, compare what’s in the market and ask the expert’s opinion.

Attend a crash course or ask a professional to assist you.


Final Words

Make the most of every season. This winter, relish being cozy inside your home or enjoy activities outdoors. Either way, don’t let it pass you by without having fun.

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  1. Amazing post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  3. These are all such lovely ideas - seeing as we're stuck with winter... fingers crossed for plenty of snow! Enjoy a mug of cocoa sounds ideal right about now, yum!

  4. I love reading books dear :)
    Happy 2018!


  5. It doesn't snow over where I live. I wish it did. Snow just feels and looks so magical hahaha.


  6. I am not a winter person at all. I rather sweat in our Malaysian hot weather. Still, these are definitely the fun winter activities. Undoubtedly.