Things To Consider When Buying A Fidget Spinner

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Things To Consider When Buying A Fidget Spinner

To quote Bruce Lee, “One great cause of failure is lack of concentration”. At a time when stress and anxiety are rapidly invading people’s lives, attention deficit is becoming a common problem among people of all ages. Losing the ability to concentrate can have a serious impact on the work you are doing. In other words, it can act as an obstacle in your path to success. If you identify yourself as someone suffering from attention deficit, now there is an easy way out to deal with the problem. A hand fidget spinner is an amazing tool to divert your mind from the stress-related thoughts and improve your concentration power. But since the market is full of hand spinners of various types, sizes, and shapes, it can be confusing for you to select one. Here are a few things that you need to consider when buying a fidget spinner.

Things To Consider When Buying
A Fidget Spinner 

The bearing of the spinner

Every fidget spinner comes with a bearing situated at the center. Your fidget spinner will be as good as its bearing. Without a decent center bearing, you cannot expect your spinner to have a silky smooth spin. The average fidget spinner comes in three variations of bearings: all-metal, hybrid, and full-ceramic.
  • All-metal bearings: Such bearings are less expensive as compared to the other varieties but they have the shortest spin times. They are prone to rust when exposed to moisture. 
  • Hybrid bearings: Compared to all-metal bearings, they have a longer spin time. These bearings get better with use. On the price front, they are more expensive than the all-metal ones.
  • Full-ceramic bearings: These are considered to be the best bearings for the spinner toys. They provide the smoothest and the longest spin time among all the bearing varieties. Such bearings need low maintenance and can resist expansion when subjected to heat. As such, they are also the most expensive variety. On the flip side, since most full-ceramic bearings are of open design, they tend to attract grit and dirt quite easily.

Branded vs. non-branded

When you are investing in a hand fidget spinner toy, you would obviously want to buy the best one possible. Fidget spinners are available in a wide range of prices. Whatever be your budget, it is advisable to go for a branded spinner. There is no dearth of non-branded spinners that are available at much lesser price than the branded ones. But when you want to possess a quality spinner, avoiding the non-branded varieties are a good idea. After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of your spinner, would you?

The material of the spinner

As far as the material of the spinner is concerned, you get a lot of options to pick from. Among the materials used to make a spinner are plastic, wood, and metal. The plastic spinners are the least expensive ones and are less durable than the ones made of other materials. Such spinners are great for kids who tend to break toys easily. Mid-range models of spinners are often made of wood or high-quality plastic. The top-line spinners are usually made of metal. They are the most expensive ones and can lighten your pocket by a neat amount.

The shape and design of the spinner

Spinners come in a stunning range of shapes, designs, and colors. From the double-armed spinners to the hexagon ones to the round-shaped ones, the choices are endless. Some spinners are colored in bright metallic hues while some others come with LED lights and music. You can pick any design and shape that catches your fancy. But it’s best to opt for a spinner that is easy and comfortable to use. Most people prefer to buy a visually appealing spinner. You must also ensure that the spinner you intend to buy is noiseless and lightweight. Bulky spinners tend to be uncomfortable for use and are best avoided.

The product review

Before you commit yourself to a particular spinner, take out some time to read the reviews about it. Reviews will help you to get a proper idea of how good the spinner is. You will be able to know about its pros and cons. Is the spinning action good enough? How long does the spinner spin in one go? Does the spinner make any noise? Product reviews can provide answers to all such questions and more. If you don’t have the time to carry out research before buying the spinner, you can read the reviews of the 9 best hand fidget spinner toy in 2017 and easily make your selection from them.

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