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8 Crucial Steps To Survive Mass Shooting (Infographics)

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8 Crucial Steps To Follow To Survive Mass Shooting

While watching the news about a gunman freely shooting innocent people in the streets or in schools, have you ever wondered what you'll do if you ever encounter a mass shooting?

Do you run? Do you hide? Will you be able to think clearly and face what may happen afterward?

There are hundreds of possibilities and only two outcomes: you survive or face the consequences. Either way, it's tragic.

And while I don't say this to scare you, no one wants to face the latter if they ever come across a deranged mass shooter. 

The risk is higher if you're not vigilant of your surroundings. Learn what precautions to make, and prepare for situations like these.

The chances of coming upon a mass shooting are minimal, but in this day and age where we see this tragedy happen, it is better to be prepared.

Stay collected and know the eight crucial steps to follow to survive a mass shooting and help keep yourself and others around you safe.

8 Crucial Steps to Survive Mass Shooting

The infographic below will give you an idea of how to survive a mass shooting and avoid accidents while saving others regardless of where you are. 

By reading this and keeping casual yet alert at all times, you can save yourself and run to the nearest exit, or protect others and stay in cover if ever it is impossible.

Read how to avoid a mass shooting and how to deal with the aftermath. It will help you loads!

8 Crucial Steps To Survive Mass Shooting (Infographics)

Note from Admin:
I am against violence, and I despise irresponsible gun owners. But mass shooting is existent in this day and age. These mass shooting survival tips from guest blogger Naser can help save lives when faced with such a situation. Please be a responsible gun owner.

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8 Crucial Steps To Survive Mass Shooting Author
Hi, my name is Naser, a gun enthusiast who's always looking for new and exciting weapons to use and gun accessories to improve my skills. As someone who's had experience handling a gun since I was a teen, I have the expertise and skills to share my ideas and tips on handling a firearm correctly and with style. So come join me as I share my passion!

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  1. Hopefully I never run indeed such a nutball, but if I do, a running I'll go.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Sure, running away from the shooter is a great idea, but panicking might not help in this situation since that's the first thing our fight or flight hormone does.

  2. Can be traumatic. I sure had the insights on how to survive. No harm done in preparing yourself.

    1. Exactly Nava. Preparing yourself in advance definitely helps :)

  3. I am lucky to live in a country that prohibit private owned guns. There is almost no mass shooting. However, it is also nice to learn how to escape from such situation.

    The only type of mass shooting happened in Indonesia usually takes no victims because it is done using camera. :D :D

    1. Hahaha, that's a fun encounter Anton. Thank you for leaving a comment.