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Ready To Listen To Something Better?

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Ready To Listen To Something Better?
Anyone can find fulfillment and happiness with the right tools.
-Amy Loftus

Single. Beautiful. Fulfilled. These are how strong women are today. We are blessed to belong to a generation when we don't have to fight for our right to vote or prove our potentials anymore. At least for most places. But why do modern-day Eves experience professional fulfillment at the expense of our love lives? Society does not help making us feel guilty of our "imbalanced" life. Do you listen to their advice and presumptions? I'll tell you a secret to loving your single status and being guilt-free. Don't listen to these critics. Listen to something better.

Ready To Listen To Something Better?

Listen to your heart. Listen to the voice of truth within. There is nothing wrong with being able to achieve more than most women in your family. There is nothing to be guilty about if you are advanced by a mile from your male counterparts at the office.

Listen to something better. Listen to women who understand where you're coming from. Listen to those who once walked your path. Listen to the wise and the experienced.

Listen to Something Better podcast.

Why you need to listen to Something Better and what to expect

I've been privileged enough to listen to Amy Loftus of Something Better talk about what to expect in the coming episodes.

As a single woman in a couple-filled and family-obsessed society (I'm saying that from experience. Folks left and right are asking me about my love life every time and are curious to know when I'd get married and have kids), I am personally excited to listen to this podcast.

Honestly, it's not that difficult to be single. But the people around you with their old-fashioned and backward beliefs could make it challenging.

If you know how to take care of yourself. If you have the means to provide for your needs, if you have enough funds for traveling and your passion, if you can put aside for your future, and you have friends you can always count on, the single life is a liberating, fun, and awesome adventure.

We all have our own paths we choose. If you're like me who's presently happy and content with her life as a single woman, but is also looking forward and open to a beautiful beginning of another chapter in life, you need to listen to this podcast.

If you think you have all you need, but wants to share your life with another whole person and wondering how to get there, you need to download this podcast right now.

Here are more you need to know:

Every Tuesday beginning this Fall 2017, tune in to Something Better, a new podcast hosted by Amy Loftus.

Amy Loftus is a singer songwriter devoted to helping people realize their dreams. A lifelong fascination with Jungian thought and masculine and feminine energies spawned this podcast, with the goal of helping women find the kind of fulfillment in daily life that leads to true love.

Each episode is a 35-minute discussion about the behaviors and communication aligned with inner masculine and feminine energies and how they are either helping or hindering your love life.

Amy will be interviewing people who are single and married, so listeners can hear others’ experiences, as well as new thought leaders, authors, therapists, athletes, wellness gurus and more. Her first guest is Dr. Pat Allen, a bestselling author and Jungian cognitive behavioral therapist with 45 years of experience developing communication techniques aligned with masculine and feminine energy.

More than a typical relationship podcast, Something Better is something better. It’s a conversation between experts and regular folks, sharing experiences and awakening listeners to truths they already know or tools they didn’t realize they have.

Something Better Podcast is looking for your questions, frustrations, curiosities, and concerns in the hopes that you’ll feel heard and understood, and that someone who shares your experience will also hear it. You do not have to tell your name, if you do not want to be identified in an episode-- just sign “Anonymous”.

If you want your questions on love and relationships answered on Something Better and prefer to leave a message, use Google Voice line: 323-999-1536. If you wish to remain anonymous please say so or your message could be shared in the podcast.

Tune in, download and subscribe to Something Better.
Available on iTunes September 5th 2017.

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  1. i agree with you my dear
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    have an happy day

  2. Sounds like an inspiring thing to listen to. I love that idea!

  3. This is such a nice post.. Something better always comes along
    I had written that post during my initial years of blogging :)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

    Maybe you’d like my September Wishlist

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    Much Love
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  4. There was the lady who constantly asked me when I would get married. That was annoying for sure but I decided not to care. I think it's important not to lose yourself and it's good to keep hearts open to positive things :-)

  5. Great post as usual, I agree with all the points listed.

  6. There's an urgent need to listen or else it spell the end of mankind

  7. Being single is the most awesome thing that could even happen to anyone.This post is a true inspiration, Lux :)

  8. ;D

    Ouvir o coração é essencial!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  9. Old fashioned and backwards best describe the mindset of those that keep bugging others. This is great!

  10. Listen to something better - loved this line, something we should all follow :)

  11. Stick to who you are and when it is time it shall come indeed, doesn't mean a nudge never hurts though haha

  12. Nothing like "something better" to cheer up one's day, think positive, be positive. Life is what we make it!

  13. You have nailed it!!! Being single is your's choice. And everyone should respect your choice too. Stay blessed !!!

  14. Interesting post, I agree with you

  15. I haven't been single myself for a last time but I get frustrated with the constant pressure on people to couple. Women get that more than men, too, but guys are not immune. In particular, too many people are too ready to choose a highly dysfunctional relationship over being alone. That's just crazy but so many fall into that trap.

  16. A great post, and enjoying reading your thoughts and opinions. It's ever so important to embrace your inner happiness and truly be the best person you can be.

    Radiate kindness wherever you go, to whoever crosses your path. Love is the glue that knits us together.

    Laura xo

  17. There are so many advantages to being single. I suspect many couples know this and are secretive jealous of us singles. There's a lot less to worry about. It's not always better, but it's always a good way to live for those of us who are independent and self respecting.

  18. I don't really listen to podcasts myself, but this sounds like something a lot of women could use in their lives. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I really need to start listening to podcasts, there seems to be some really great ones around nowadays! Great advice to listen to your heart, by the way :)

  20. really loved this post ! thanks for the share <3


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    Stay Gold

  21. So interesting post!
    Have a nice day!
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  22. Very Interesting and a very important post. Loved it!