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Help Your Child Succeed In School: 8 Simple Ways For Parents

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Help Your Child Succeed In School: 8 Simple Ways For Parents

Being a parent, you are your kid’s first and most vital mentor or teacher. When there is involvement of teachers and parents in their kids’ schools, the kids perform better in academics and have more confidence and are more willing to go to school. There are many activities that parents can help their kids’ learning process at home and during the school year. Here are simple ways to help your child succeed in school.

Help Your Child Succeed In School

Maintain a healthy relationship with your child's teachers and school staff

1. Meet your child's teacher.
When your kid initiates his school journey, consult with your child’s teacher and discuss the various techniques to handle the school-going child.

2. Attend parent-teacher meetings and stay in touch with your child's teacher.
Schools generally conduct one or two parent-teacher meetings each year. But you also have the authority to meet with your child's teacher any time throughout the year.

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Support your child academically

3. Figure out how your kid is performing.
Enquire from the teacher how fine your child is doing in class compared to other students. If your child is not doing well, particularly when it comes to speaking or reading, then seek a help from a teacher and ask what you can do to help. It's essential to act quickly before your child slacks off. Also be definite to evaluate your child's progress report each time it comes out.

4. Go for superior services if you think your child needs it.
Every student is different and they vary in their learning and grasping ability. Some students absorb and recognize the concept rapidly; while some may need extra support and devoted time to help them study efficiently and perform well in their tests. If your child is having issues with learning in school, you may hire a private home tutor who will focus only on your child. Hence, your kid faces fewer distractions in a home environment than in coaching centers, schools or in colleges. Eventually, they get higher grades in the tests.

5. Make sure that your child gets homework done.
Your child must be aware of the importance of education and on a daily basis, homework needs to be done. You can assist your child with homework by maintaining a distinct place to study, finding a consistent time for homework, and eliminating interruptions such as the sound of television and other household works.

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Support your child's learning at home

6. Establish a positive attitude about education to your children.
Generally, kids imitate their parents. What we say and think about education will ultimately help our child to grow positive approaches towards school and education. They build confidence in themselves as learners.

7. Monitor your child's television, video game, and Internet use.
A normal child on average devotes far more time watching television, surfing on the Internet and on play stations or video games than they do homework and other school-related activities. Educate your child how to use the internet properly and efficiently, so it will help him in his education and enhance his learning process

8. Inspire your child to be responsible and work independently.
Taking charge and working self-sufficiently are important abilities for school success. You can help your kid to grow these qualities by making certain protocols that apply regularly, make sure that your child has to take responsibility for his deeds whether good or bad and both at home and in school. Make him learn to break down his tasks into small steps so that so he will be more productive and fruitful.

Take time to play an active role in your child’s education through contribution, training and support. You and your child will gain the profits of a dedicated educational effort.

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Educational expert, Garry Smith is redefining the way schools worldwide develop teaching through online tuition in Singapore, and counseling programs, giving students greater odds of achieving life success. His team-integrated approach brings teachers, counselors, private home tuition agency, and families together to help students develop personal, emotional, behavioral, social, academic, and career skills to overcome today’s biggest challenges.

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  1. These are great tips! With my nephews, I always ask them if they have homework when I pick them up from school and make sure they do it.

    I liked tip #7. I wish my oldest nephew played less videogames and read more.

  2. Thanks for sharing, even though my kids are all grown up now, still a good post I enjoy reading!!

  3. Kids play too much nowadays.

  4. Só não tente aquela marca! hahaha! ;)

    Adorei saber dessas maneiras!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  5. i agree with you dear, very informative article
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  6. i agree with you, very informative post
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    have an happy day

  7. Positive enforcement sure helps out. As does watching all the other things they do.

  8. Yes, the parents have the responsibility. Here, they always push it to the teachers and the schools and blame them left, right and centre. Most, if not all the problems boil down to one thing - the home.

  9. this is very informative lux! :)

    xoxo, rae

  10. Totally agree Lux, thanks for sharing these interesting tips!
    Kisses, Paola.

  11. my parents were not like that XD


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    Stay Gold

  12. Ahem, good tips for dads, too...

    Getting involved and encouraging a sense of responsibility are certainly important. But I think step one is creating a home atmosphere in which learning is celebrated as a lifelong love. Read to your children and let them see you read for your own pleasure. Play music - all music. Travel and explore, even if all you can spare for time and money is a stroll around the neighborhood. Share your interests and passions while leaving plenty of room for your child to find her own. School can be arduous, no matter who you are but encouraging a love of learning early certainly helps long term.

  13. These sound like excellent tips!

  14. Need to show it to my sister. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good Monday!

  15. I agree with you, great tips

  16. Wish I had read this when my boys were kids. Great post!

  17. Now a days education plays a vital role for succeeding in life. Moreover, it will help understand a child to differentiate between good and bad. Very helpful and informative article.

  18. i'm not a parent, but i can certainly see how this advice would be great for dads and moms! :)

  19. Here, overwhelming amounts of homework are expected of all students - all levels. It's understandable that kids aren't motivated to do their homework after a long school day. Our system is backwards. Hopefully, it's more reasonable in other parts of the world.

  20. Thank you for a great post!!! Very important and helpful tips.