5 Summer Survival Tips

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5 Summer Survival Tips
Summertime is always the best of what might be.
-Charles Bowden

Ahhh, summer! Everybody's talking about it. But is everybody ready for summer? Here are 5 summer survival tips to not just tolerate but actually enjoy this season.

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5 Summer Survival Tips

1. Get sun protection.

It's the season to get that perfect sexy tan, but not to get premature wrinkles or worse, skin cancer! Never leave the house without applying sunblock.

According to dermatologist James M. Spencer, MD, an SPF 15 product blocks about 94% of UVB rays; an SPF 30 product blocks 97% of UVB rays; and an SPF 45 product blocks about 98% of rays (from WebMD).

Don't forget your lip balm and sunnies, too!

Shield your skin from the sun.

I personally use the SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen from Human Nature because it doesn't only effectively protects the skin from the harmful sun but it's also free from reef-destroying chemicals.

Isn't it good to enjoy the summer without harming the marine life?

2. Rehydrate.

With the summer heat, you'll surely sweat a lot. You might get dehydrated, so drink up. Always keep a bottle of water with you. Be sure to re-hydrate with water or natural juices and not with soda or artificial juice drinks.

3. Choose your summer wardrobe.

Wear clothes that are cool, made of light fabric, comfortable, and that which will let your body breathe so to speak.

4. Plan your summer activities ahead.

Whether you're going abroad, heading to the beach, or just staying home, make plans.

It might be hard to book flights, the traffic to where you're going may be heavy, hotel rooms may be unavailable, or prices may go up than usual.

You wouldn't want to experience these hassles on your summer vacation so it's better to book your trips earlier, plan your route and prepare for your choice of summer fun.

Plan on improving yourself too.

Enroll in summer lessons (swimming, surfing, diving, personal development, arts, etc.). It's wise to inquire and enroll and buy what you need before everyone else does.

5. Don't forget your hair!!!

You pay attention to your skin, your body, your wardrobe, but often forget about your hair.

Your hair deserves just as much (or even more!) attention and care this summer as the summer sun and saline water of the sea can damage it.

Not only that, summer brings a lot of exciting new hair trends.

Cut your hair short, tie it in a bun or ponytail, or dye it with the color of your choice.

Use hair products that are SLS/SLES-free, organic and is not harmful to the environment.

I only trust Human Nature products.

Scared that hair color will damage your hair? No idea what color is right for you? How about trying out some hair wigs first? You won't regret trying them out.

Don't let this hot and humid weather stop you from looking and feeling your best.

Like any other season, it pays to be ready for what's coming. And summer is one season you NEED to be ready for.

Do you have any summer survival tips?

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  1. Cool ideas! I've got a glass of iced water going even as we speak. Wearing body lotion with a built in SPF. I love the cotton tee-shirts and my ever-present Teva flip flops.

    I'm set. Love this!

  2. I agree we have to plan and be ready for each summer.. lately I see I need ti take better care of my hair ♡

  3. What great tips! I love summer -- if I had my way it would be summer all the time but you are right! You have to be prepared and that bottle of water is one of the most important summer survival tips!

  4. Oh my gosh Lux, I just laughed and laughed at your title and the photo of the little baby! So cute!! I love your sense of humor.
    Yep, I need that SPF. I'm an Irish gal with really light skin. And I'm happy to be walking outside again, now that my leg is healing well. Come on summer :)

  5. Excellent advice. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Great tips! Sun protection is definitely the most important part. And hydration :)

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland

  7. Hi, Lux!
    Great tips! We're experiencing a heat wave here in Arizona and it seems I cannot drink enough water! My hair is suffering (and it's short!!!)

    Have a great day,

  8. Great advice for the summer months :)

  9. Great advice, especially the first two - even if the sun's not shining brightly it's still doing damage to your skin #sharethejoy

  10. Oh, summer is my favourite season and I don't mind sweating at all, haha. I usually drink a lot of water no matter the season, BUT I don't use sun protection when I am not at the beach. Thanks for the nice tips!

  11. great summer tips dear :)

  12. Awesome tips! Watch out for what's in the water too! Good to hear from you. Hope you are having an awesome summer!

  13. lol the first picture!
    Great fun tips :)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my previous post.

    My New post is up :D Sunny in Central Park

    Follow me on Google Plus & I'll follow back :)


  14. Ahh... yes. The hair. I needed that reminder. Thanks for this good list! Keep writing!

  15. Great advice, love summer! It goes by too quickly!

  16. Great and practical tips, nice of you to share.

  17. Love these tips but my body is not summer ready

  18. Interesting post, great advice!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  19. Cool tips! Love the little videos! Sunscreen is so important

  20. Thanks for sharing doll

  21. Great tips- SPF is so, so important!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Definitely stay hydrated! It's been so hot here already. I'm not ready!!! LOL

  23. Imagens maravilhosa

  24. it's always summer here in malaysia, so these tips are useful for us all year round! :)

  25. great tips, very useful

  26. Great ideas! I love the clothes one- important things to pay attention to when summer clothes shopping. :)

  27. Lux, you have given us excellent suggestions for the summer sun. I keep forgetting to use sun block, as I often am only out for a few minutes at a time. Out of the car and into the grocery store etc. I do walk my dogs frequently, and I must remember to put on my big hat, as that should help. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. I loved your animations. :-)

  28. Thanks for the great tips!! I love the sun and am not always good about using sunblock :(.

    And oh my gosh! I saw that rolly polly baby the other day and sent it to my friends in my fitness accountability group bc I didn't feel like working out. Scrolling through pinterest sounded way more fun!:)

  29. Sunless tanning is the way to go! I use Jergen's. I love having a tan but I stay out of the sun.

  30. hahah this is my summer must do as well :) I always choose the wardrobe, I use sun block cream as well as plan my activities and than I am ready for highly intense summer time :D

    have a lovely summer!

  31. Cute! But here it is raining all day. Do you have tips?

  32. great tips and info thanks for sharing :)

  33. haha sun protection is the must have item!

  34. I've no hair, so, luckily, I've no problems! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  35. great tips and love the pics to go along with them.
    Stay cool.

  36. Ooosshheey Turn uP! I think the koko of the entire summer ish is; "to be ready always.." You know.. Like they say in the Boyscout.. I mean it all boils down to who planned ahead.. hehehehe Was going to think of doing same over here in Nigeria.. the whole planning ish... heheh but nnnnnaahhh... its summer all year round here.. Our skins have adapted so no need for Anti-Sun ray cosmetics et al...The Nigerian Sun hian.. **cleans sweat... (Lagos especially) Mehhnnn Lux toh sure... It can roast a Barbecue without assistance from fire.. **Crying in French... :) Cheers Lux... You go have fun oh! And do show us plenRRy plenRRy picSHurs pleasee... I said Please eh Bubba... :) and the crowd goes... Yyyyyyyaaayyyy...

  37. not sure it's water what Karen drinks in that pic :))

  38. Must be prepared as it's not that easy to enjoy the summer

  39. I actually have my fully written summer list all written out and ready for me. I can't wait for summer to start so I can start enjoying myself with all those fun things! Oh, and re-hydration is the one I am going to struggle with more. I am bad at drinking often and regularly.

  40. Love the baby. Quote gave me a good laugh.

  41. Good tips. Must remember to shield my skin from the sun!
    Made me laugh.

  42. Great advice! Bring on the sun :) Thanks for linking this sunny post up at #sharethejoy

  43. I am a stickler for sunscreen! In the summer,I just wear it as my every day lotion. I've also started wearing hats this year. It seems the older I get, the more cautious I get! I would love to try surfing or stand-up paddle boarding this summer. They've been on my list for a long time!

  44. A lovely post for summer - Drinking lots of water, and also remembering the extra condition for hair ... that's what keeps me going in the sunny weather :)
    Happy July to you!

  45. Very informative...
    Thanks for sharing :)

  46. Here from Monday Madness. I HAD to click on this post because of the adorable chubby baby!
    Great advice, in a fun way.

  47. Thank you for the tips Lux! Yeah, I agree with everyone the adorable baby is misleading! But I probably should start wearing sunblock more, I'm too tamad to put some on even when in the beach!

  48. summer.. best time to travel...

  49. I LOVE summer, and what I love about it is pulling out my summer wardrobe once again. It's very important to stay hydrated as well!