Power Of Stories To Teach Us About Unwavering Faith And Values

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Power Of Stories To Teach Us Faith And Values
We become the books we read. 
-Matthew Kelly

The stories we read in books don’t just entertain us and bring us to places beyond our wildest imagination. They teach us lessons, guide us, influence us, and mold us. 

From reading stories we learn about unwavering faith and values.

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Power of Stories to Teach Us About Unwavering Faith and Values

I was thinking about bestselling novels like Harry Potter, Divergent, and The Hunger Games lately. 

They’re about worlds different from ours, yet the parallelism is impeccable.

An ordinary person with extraordinary abilities and admirable boldness are unknown to that person until the situation calls for it.

It’s all about someone who is deep-down good and genuine, who doesn’t want to keep quiet and follow an unjust autocrat blindly. 

Someone who is selfless enough to forget his /her discomfort and safety for the good of everybody, and to protect his/her loved ones from tyranny.

They didn’t want to be heroes, but their world needed one, so that’s what they become.

They did not wait around for a savior to help them out of their miserable situation. 

With what they have, with who they are, with nothing but their principle and intention to end evil and help the oppressed, they fought, they risked their lives, and they conquered.

I love books like these. Books that don’t just tell of happily ever after, and fairies and true love’s kiss---not that there’s something wrong with fairy tales. 

I grew up with Disney and I’ll always be thankful for it made my imagination fly.

But I love books that don’t sugarcoat the truth in life. 

Books that tell me honestly that there will be obstacles, there will be monsters, there will be people in power who will try to control us and strip us of our freedom.

It is our unwavering faith and values that we uphold that will keep us together as people regardless of our color, gender, beliefs, or the language we speak.

I'm really thrilled to be part of this week's #LMMLinkup at Mary-andering Creatively and Brandi Raae. I'm sharing the power of stories to teach us about faith and values.

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  1. I love stories with good and bad.But I am a sucker for a happy ending.Thats a must.If I dontr get it I feel cheated.Loved how you have explained why real heroes are important

  2. I do agree that stories have power to shape us, mould us, and deeply leave a lasting influence on us. There are stories that are passed down from one generation to another that make us the people we idolise in these stories. They influence us way beyond the ordinary.

  3. Stories are a wonderful way to learn life lessons. Great post.

  4. i love stories that reflect the truth of life ... life is so messy and complicated and unpredictable, and that's the kind of stories that resonate with me ;)

  5. Reality and practically are my virtue to life as well.

  6. I'm sad that poorly written YA books such as those are the source of inspiration for today's youngsters. Most of them have no education value and are only teaching kids that they should fight with violence instead with education, love, talent, knowledge. Inspirational YA books will be the ones in which the main hero aims to become a doctor and cure the world, or a scientist who will solve problems, not some arrogant brat who wants to take over someone's throne with a sword in their hands. Today's YA books just serve to turn kids into future soldiers that their governments can mince like meat in their wars for power and resources

    1. I'm sorry that you fail to see the metaphor of these wonderful inspirational stories. Like in Harry Potter, Dementors are representation of depression, and the way to ward them off is to think of the most powerful happiest memory that you have. Which is true in our world. To fight sadness is to think about great memories.

      In fictional stories like so, we need to look beyond what is there. There is parallelism, but it does not mean we fight evil with swords, arrows and wand. Because the evil in our world aren't evil wizards too but just as humans as we are. We just need to stand for what we believe is right without necessarily killing anyone.

  7. I used to love reading but as I aged, my eyes tire easily. Once I get a good book, I won't stop until I reached the ending.

  8. I love reading because I learn from them as well as escape into the story world.

  9. Hi, Luxie!

    I agree with this piece. I think the definition of a hero is an ordinary person who sets fear aside, summons strength and courage, and does extraordinary things for the common good.

    Have a super day, dear friend Lux!

  10. I love reading...books do help in building our personality and character 😊

  11. I do read books and they definitely help in buiding our personalities

  12. Stories, fictional or not, teach us so much about life. Although sometimes I wish I have the same super power to save the world too :)

  13. I can't even remember the last time I had enough energy to read a proper book. I really must make more effort. But I loved the Hunger Games. Really intriguing other world story.

  14. I love reading, it's my favorite way to relax..


  15. Great post! There are times I like books that don't sugarcoat the truth but other times I like to get lost in a book that allows me to dream.

  16. I love stories about life as well as we learn from such. Though I'd always treasure those like Harry Potter :)

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog dear and appreciating my Darna cosplay. I'm now following you via GFC and Bloglovin. Hope we can follow each other :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  17. My favorite genre for fictional book is mystery. I like funny stories, too :-)

  18. I love to read; I prefer non-fiction.

  19. Stories sure can transport and teach

  20. I love books + stories that tell it like it is, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. It seems as though more often than not the traditional good versus evil battle is ever present.

    Be well, Lux.

  22. I love reading, I love stories, I love your posts!
    Kisses, Paola.

  23. I have been slacking on reading your posts lately but everytime I click your site, it blows me away how you add new features and new pictures. You look stunning in the one on the homepage next to the intro where you can click different keywords. :)
    Also, I love the ask Lux feature! You are positively brilliant, love. Keep on being YOU!

  24. I love to read, thanks for the interesting thoughts.

  25. The Chicken Soup series has a nice selection.

  26. I love reading detective and action kind of books ~ For documentaries, I enjoy watching them in films ~

  27. I love books that dive deeply into life, its horrors and realities; books filled with stories genuinely written. Even in this digital era, I still prefer holding and smelling the pages of a book.

  28. That's such a lovely read, babe! xoxo

  29. This reminds me of lalaland though! The idea of reality and fiction in one. I just love them as well combined! I mean, isn't this cool that all things are actually connected and not contrary to one another?

    I just love books, as my old friends say "books are not spoon feeding their readers" you imagine it yourself!

  30. Interesting post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  31. YES! I was actually complaining just last week to my husband about one book I read that failed on this front, and how much I wish it had succeeded. I totally want stories that challenge the protagonist, but that also teaches deep life lessons. If the story lacks the theme, or heart, it's fluff. Like marshmallows. No one needs marshmallows, and they're SO not good for you. ;)

  32. I have to agree. There are a mix of stories, and every single one is able to teach us something different. But I think what reading has really done is shaped my values, and reminded me that even in the most dire situations, there is something to hope for. And we have to remain steadfast in that.

  33. Dear Lux, I just don’t think you could have done better when choosing a title for your blog. About Life and Love is perfect and your posts are positive and encouraging. It often seems like you are wise beyond your years. I feel like this post is so on-the-mark … Stories are our way of learning how to deal with life’s little (and some not-so-little) challenges. Thank you, as always, for sharing. I also wanted to say a special thank you for your kind comment on my blog and wishing me a meaningful Holy Week. May I wish you the same! Blessings to you, Lux, and best regards from Seattle!

  34. I love books, but I prefer non-fiction. I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul series!

  35. I'm a believer in the power of stories!