How To Pack Heavy And Fragile Items Without Professional Assistance

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Dealing with heavy items while organizing long-distance move

Heavy and large items are hard to pack and move as often they can get damaged or broken during relocation and, especially, long-distance move. Packing objects can sometimes be very difficult without professional assistance as you don’t have all the required equipment to perform reassembling. 

Besides, there are certain risks, the main one is for own health as packing and lifting the heavy objects is not the easiest thing to do and one must have an experience, or, at least, strong muscles. Moreover, if handling everything by yourself it is important to find out more about special packing materials, appropriate for bulky stuff. 

Also, don’t forget about arranging transportation along with loading, unloading and unpacking service. Professionals from Costa Mesa moving company at movers.best know all about packing and moving heavy items without any risks. Addressing them is the best option to save your health and to your time. In this case risks are much smaller as everything is handled by experienced team.

When getting your stuff ready for packing it is important to do everything properly as every item requires own materials and method of handling. Large and heavy items are also can be easily damaged or broken. Before starting make sure you have all the needed materials, which include following: sound boxes of various sizes, packing paper, peanuts and tape, bubble wrap, markers for labeling. Once you get all these materials, you can start sorting your books, electronics, and kitchen appliances for packing.

Tips for handling heavy items

Appropriate packing materials are extremely important as they will save prevent your stuff from breaking. Before starting packing find out about wrapping technics and overall handling of large and heavy items. 

Here we will provide essential tips for managing your belongings in most effective way.

1. Use only sound cartons so they could hold the weight. Wrap everything well and if the item is very heavy use thicker layer of packing materials and don’t forget taping it.
2. If there is an empty place inside the box, fill it with packing peanuts or pieces of cardboard. Newspapers or packing paper won’t provide this level of protection as they will be compressed. Packet item should be stable inside, so while transportation it won’t be shifting inside the box. 
3. Try not to fill boxes completely in order not to make them very heavy and impossible to lift. 
4. Smaller boxes can be placed together into bigger one. Don’t forget to label them.
5. Boxes with fragile items should have marks as “this side up” in order to avoid damaging. 
6. Heavy item should be placed in the center of the box and cushioning material around it. Weight should be distributed evenly.

Be careful while packing heavy and fragile items and don’t forget to get insurance. 

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