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How To Score Points With Your Man Or Woman

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How To Score Points With Your Man Or Woman
Outdo one another in showing honor.
-Romans 12:10     

How To Score Points With Your Man Or Woman was the topic last Sunday at The Feast

How do you score points with your man or woman? The steps are fairly simple.

How To Score Points With Your Man

Honor him by making him feel appreciated.

Men are externally motivated by nature. They need to be praised, affirmed, and reminded that they are important. Never over criticize or put him down. Never deflate his ego.

Honor him by making him feel you believe in him.

Make him feel like he is your superhero, that you need him, that you believe he's a winner. When you do, he'll start believing in himself, too. And when he starts believing, he can conquer anything.

Honor him by making him feel he's in control.

Don't make a man feel you're controlling him. When you ask him to do something, pull back on the details. Let him know what you need and let him take it from there. Consult him, inform him and trust him. He'll do his best not to disappoint you.

How To Score Points With Your Woman

This may sound unfair, but only one step was discussed on how to score points with your woman.

But it's crucial.
Honor a woman by making her feel cherished.

How to make a woman feel cherished?

Give her your time. Call her. Set regular dates. Prioritize her.


Listen to her (the way her girlfriends do).

Appreciate her in details.

Women are detail-oriented, and we like it when men pay attention to details.

Make her feel special.

A woman erases her "score board" every day. What you did yesterday is for yesterday.
So, you need to earn points again today.

But, you don’t have to do big things. You don't have to cross oceans or climb mountains.

For a woman, every expression of love, big or small is equal.

Taking her to a vacation or simply calling to check on her both means one thing; she’s important to you.

The bottom line is, to score points with your man or woman, you need to honor him/her

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  1. Agree with that - A woman erases her "score board" every day.

  2. I believe honesty is the best policy in a relationship. Better to speak your mind, constructive criticisms is the honestly I am talking about.

  3. Honor/respect is very important in relationship or in general. How you treat others comes right back to you.

  4. Loved loved this post, Lux!
    Some great honest points that you have mentioned for both the partners.
    Going to bookmark this post.

  5. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  6. Appreciating each other and letting the other know how much you care about them is great advice. Have a lovely weekend! :)

  7. right on advice!!! Got the gender needs down pat on.

  8. Awesome! Happy weekend. :)

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  9. Once we figure out how our partners brains and emotions work, life gets so much simpler,doesn't it? Learning about love languages made a tremendous difference in our marriage.

  10. Hehe what a cute post and all items are true! :)

  11. You've just summed up how to make a relationship last! Wonderful Lux! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  12. I think the best way to honor your partner (man or woman) is to listen and communicate. Take time to tell them how special they are every day and let them know that they are important to you. A short note, a thank you for something, etc. can go a long way. :)

  13. We do love being cherished! That word is a beautiful choice to describe how God created us to feel, whether from our husbands or just from him. Thanks for sharing this, Lux!

  14. We all need praise and affirmation. But from my experience, when men's egos are so fragile that I have to create their self-esteem - oh no. It's definitely not a healthy relationship. In fact, it ends explosively with the woman never doing enough. Love needs to be an inside job first, last and always.
    Just my thoughts.
    Thanks, Lux.

  15. Stunning post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  16. Such a lovely post! Have an amazing new week.


  17. Good advice! So important to show that we value one another!

  18. I guess it can sort of boil down to the golden rule of doing to others as you would have them do to you. When a husband and wife respect each other, look out for the interests of one another, and find small ways to show love, their relationship can thrive. Blessings to you! I'm your neighbor at #MomentsofHope.

  19. Yep. You are SPOT on, Lux! Have you ever read Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages" book? You would LOVE it. It's incredibly insightful on communication and how we feel and give love.

  20. Great ideas here, and it took me back to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the we as women can be the neck that turns the head while still making our man feel like he is in control. I haven't mastered that yet:)

  21. Good points for all to keep in mind!! #fridayfrivolity

  22. Ah what lovely tips for men & women :) Thanks for sharing your quotes with us at #candidcuddles

  23. All good points and great relationship advice - more people should read this and follow the advice! #CandidCuddles

  24. Dear Lux, Lots of years of experience tell me that your suggestions are exactly right! :-) Thank you! Sending you best regards from Seattle. PS Great new profile pic too!