20 Things Women Do More And Better Than Men

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20 Things Women Do More And Better Than Men

20 Things Women Do More And Better Than Men
Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.
-Timothy Leary

Whether women are better than men or vice versa has always been an argument.

But today, let’s celebrate the gentle force that makes the world more beautiful, colorful, and fun...


Here are 20 things women can do more and better than men.

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1. Women have more taste buds than men.

Women tend to have more sensitive palates than men, which is why more women are in the sensory panels (Sensory Value).

Our sense of smell and taste are closely linked, and the olfactory bulb in women has 43% more cells than in men.

Women have more taste buds than men.

2. Women can multitask better than men.

A study was conducted to see who’s really better at multitasking - men or women. 

When the tasks were mixed up, both men and women made mistakes and slowed down.

But men were significantly slower - taking 77% longer to respond, whereas women took 69% longer.

We don’t need experiments to prove this, though. 

How many men do you know who can multitask better than women?

Women can multitask better than men.

3. Women live longer than men.

Women outlive their male counterparts by about 5.5 years. 

According to Eurostat, life expectancy at birth for women was 84 years and 78.5 for men. 

Women’s sex hormone estrogen can combat heart disease, which according to the CDC, killed 357,761 men in the US in 2019.

Women are also believed to have a stronger immune system

Women live longer than men.

4. Women talk more than men.

Generally, women talk more than men. (Although in some cases relationships, it’s the opposite).

Women speak about 20,000 words daily, while men speak only 7,000.

Women talk more than men

5. Women cry more than men.

On average, women cry 30-64 times a year, while men cry 6-17 times yearly.

Could it be because the patriarchal society has made us believe that crying is a sign of weakness for men?

Or are men more discreet in showing their emotions?

Women cry more than men.

6. Women’s hearts beat more than men’s.

A woman’s heart can beat as many as six beats per minute faster than a man’s.

According to the Cardiology Associates of Michigan, a woman’s heart and some of its chambers are smaller, the walls that divide some are thinner, and the veins are finer.

Though a woman’s heart pumps faster than a man’s, a man’s heart ejects more blood with each pump.

A woman's heart can beat more than men's

7. Women blink twice as often as men do.

In an optoelectronic study of eyelid motion, the blink rate was significantly larger in women than in men.

Women blink 19 times per minute vs. men, who blink 11 times per minute. 

During eyelid closure and opening, women moved faster than men.

Batting eyelashes look better in women than men, don’t you think? 😁

Women blink twice as often as men do.

8. Women orgasm better than men.

Though men orgasm in 95% of encounters compared to women’s 69%, their orgasm only lasts 3 to 10 seconds.

Women’s orgasms can last as long as around 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

The nerve endings in a woman’s clitoris are approximately more than 8,000. 

That’s double the number of nerve endings in a man’s penis.

Women would have the best sex when they turn 28, while men reach their peak at 33.

Yeah, women may fake it more often to please the man, but when they do orgasm, it’s better.


9. Women are more attentive and organized than men.

Study shows that women’s brains were significantly more active in many areas than men’s, especially where focus and impulse control are involved.

Women are more on top of things when it comes to meeting deadlines.

In terms of home organization, women do it better than men.

Women are more attentive and organized than men.

 10. Women have higher IQs than men.

Marilyn Vos Savant is not only the most brilliant woman but the smartest person in history, with an IQ of 228 (Guinness Book of World Records).

In the men category, Christopher Michael Langan has an IQ score between 195 and 210.

Courtney Cox I know gif

11. Women are more likely to graduate from college compared to men.

US Department of Education data shows that 65% of women who matriculated at a US four-year university in 2012 had graduated by 2018, compared with 59% of their male counterparts.

Men who enrolled in a four-year college in 2013 were 10% less likely to graduate within 4 years.

There are many factors to consider. 

As a woman, I say women are more committed to graduating because of the limited opportunity available after college than men. 

We want to achieve more and feel more accomplished; a college degree is one way to do it.

Women are more likely to graduate from college compared to men

12. Women have higher investment returns than men.

Women are better investors outperforming their male counterparts by 40 basis points or 0.4%.

Women are more cautious when taking risks, which shows in their investments.

Women have higher investment returns than men

13. Women can handle job interviews better than men.

Women show that they can manage stress better, which helps them handle job interviews

Although HR managers click the male profile more, according to LinkedIn, women are 16% more successful in landing a job.

Women can handle job interviews better than men.

14. Women are most likely to survive car accidents compared to men.

In a car crash, women are more likely to get injured (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) because a car’s safety features are designed for male drivers. Crash dummies, for instance, are modeled after an average man. Nevertheless, as of this writing, reports show that women are more likely to survive car accidents than men.

Women are most likely to survive car accidents.

15. Daughters are more likely to care for their parents.

Probably because women are naturally more nurturing and caring, daughters are found to care for their aging parents more than their sons.

The University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study shows that daughters give an average of 12.3 hours of elder care per month, while sons provide just 5.6.

Daughters are more likely to care for their parents than men

16. Women are better communicators than men.

Women’s brains are wired in a way that they excel in verbal tasks.

Communication is a two-way street. 

Women are found to be better listeners and are more polite and empathetic than men, which makes them more effective communicators.

Women are better communicators than men.

 17. Women outperform men in memory tests.

It’s normal for both men and women to get more forgetful, especially aging.

Menopaused women experienced brain fog and continued memory depletion.

Still, women outperform men in memory tests from childhood to adulthood.

Here’s what they found out in a test conducted:

  • Females generally access their memories faster than males and date them more precisely 
  • Women use more emotional terms when describing memories
  • Superior verbal memory for females appears to be independent of intelligence level
  • Females also have greater specificity for events imagined to occur in the future

Be careful what you say because a woman remembers everything.

And they may forget where they put their keys or phone, but they remember what you said 4 years ago at 3:27 PM.

I wish I’m just kidding.

Women have sharper memories

18. Women are more adept in languages compared to men.

Girls’ language ability develop earlier compared to boys.

In the early stage, girls, on average, acquire language faster than boys and have a more extensive vocabulary.

Estrogen was found to promote the growth of language centers and related areas in the brain, while testosterone had the opposite effect.

Women show superior verbal performance not only for first language acquisition but also for acquiring a foreign language.

Women are more adept in languages.

19. Women can sustain relationships better than men.

It’s no secret that women are more emotional than men.

Women show more emotions, listen emphatically, and are more open in sharing their stories, so they build stronger relationships with their peers.

These traits come in handy at work or in business.

Women can sustain relationships better

20. Companies with women bosses perform better than those led by men.

Because they’re more organized and attentive to details...

Able to multitask better and be more productive...

Are better communicators...

Have sharper memories and a higher IQ...

Can build better relationships at work...

It’s no surprise that companies with female bosses perform better.

Here’s what The Pipeline report says:

“London-listed companies with no women on their executive committees have a net profit of 1.5%, whereas those with more than one in three women at that level reach a 15.2% net profit margin.”

Companies with women bosses perform 3x better

How amazing it is to be a woman.

It’s not always fun, but oh, the things a woman can do!

And they do it better. In high heels even!

Hug a superwoman in your life today!

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