8 Simple Housekeeping Tips I've Learned From Living Alone

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Simple Housekeeping tips for those living alone

I've decided it's time to live alone after going through a lot of traumatic experiences from sharing a space. I was hesitant at first.

But, I'm glad I did.

It's an ongoing fun adventure!

Every day I'm learning to be a---dare I say it, homemaker.

Here are 8 simple housekeeping tips I've learned from living alone.

8 Simple Housekeeping Tips I've Learned from Living Alone  

Housekeeping Tip #1: Schedule it. 

Schedule your laundry time (you'll save more if you wash your own clothes). 
Schedule your grocery trips. 
Schedule your house cleaning. 
Schedule even charging your gadgets. 
Scheduling saves you not only time but also electricity, water, and money.

Housekeeping tip: Schedule it

Housekeeping Tip #2: Vinegar is magical!

I didn't know vinegar can be so versatile. 

I used to think it just makes a good dip, flavor enhancer, or salad dressing.

Here are some of its uses:

1. Showerhead cleaner.

Wrap your shower head in a plastic bag with vinegar and let it stay overnight. 

Result: clean and disinfected showerhead in the morning.

2. Toilet, sink, and bathroom cleaner.

The tiles and toilet bowl are cleaner if you wash them with baking soda + vinegar and rinse with water.

3. Ants deterrent.

Put vinegar in cotton or drench used clothes with it.

Place the cotton or clothes in the area where ants usually occupy (by the door or kitchen sink).

These are just three of what I've learned first-hand, but through the internet, I've discovered that vinegar can also be used to:

  • clean your PC
  • clean the windows
  • remove
  • carpet stains
  • burnish scissors
  • unclog drain

It can also be used as a facial toner and dandruff remover!

It's like magic!

Housekeeping tip: Use vinegar

Housekeeping Tip #3: Baking soda power.

My neighbor's cat loves to take a dump in the hallway outside my door. 

Sometimes I wake up not to the alarm but to that horrible smell.

Sprinkling baking soda in the gap under the door almost instantly gets rid of the odor. It blocks the odor from coming in.

I also use baking soda in scrubbing the bathroom floor and the kitchen counter.

When used with vinegar, it can de-clog the sink.

Bonus beauty tip: Mix baking soda with lemon juice for a homemade body scrub.

Housekeeping tip: Use baking soda

Housekeeping Tip #4: You can live without T.V.

How many hours do you consume every day watching T.V.? Five? More? How many hours will that be in a week? Month? Years?

What if instead of watching T.V. every day, you read books, work on the internet (and I said work, yes), or go out?

Answer: you get a more productive life. And besides, what is it that you can watch on T.V that you can't on the internet?

Housekeeping tip: ditch TV

Housekeeping Tip #5: Unplug if not in use.

Though turned off, appliances still use power when plugged. 

Unplug unused appliances especially before leaving the house to save electricity, and also to be safe.

Live sustainably.

Housekeeping tip: Unplug

Housekeeping Tip #6: Keep your food storage full and emergency kit ready.

You'll never know when a storm or flu will hit you.

Things you must always have:

  • Oatmeal or cereal
  • Milk or choco drink
  • Crackers or biscuits
  • Bread
  • Peanut butter or your favorite sandwich spread
  • Granola bar
  • Potable Water!!! 

Medicine/Emergency Kit
  • Povidone Iodine
  • Band-Aid
  • Alcohol
  • Ointment/Balm
  • Cotton
  • Bug Repellent
  • Petroleum jelly
  • OTC Antipyretic/Analgesic
  • Medicine for different types of stomachache (Antidiarrheal, Antacid, Antispasmodic)
  • Medicine for menstrual cramps
  • Antihistamines for allergy
  • Sanitary pad

Housekeeping tip: Keep food and medical supplies

Housekeeping Tip #7: Clean as you go.

You won't be having a hard time cleaning if you see to it that you keep things orderly. 

Put things back where you got them. 

Organize documents and label them for easy retrieval.


Housekeeping Tip #8: Stick to your budget. 

Identify your needs and your wants. 

You can go ahead and splurge if you have extra. But, it's always better to live within or below your means.

Housekeeping Tip: Stick to your budget

Living alone is getting to know yourself more. You learn things that you were oblivious to when you were living with your parents. 

Now I know how to read electric bills! 

I also realized that this is a good learning curve for the near future when I'll be blessed with my own family to take care of.

Living alone is a good test to see how responsible and capable I could be.

The best time of my day, for now, is coming home to a quiet, peaceful, and organized space. 

Every time I close the door, I can heave a sigh of relief and sincerely say, "It's good to be home."

I couldn't do that when I was sharing a space.

What housekeeping tips have you learned or would like to share? Excited to read them in the comments below.

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. i need to work on the whole scheduling thing :D

  2. I need to schedule my time, especially since I'm taking a course with working too ;-) ... it's been helping me to get organized :-)

    I have never lived alone, although I'd miss the daily contact, I think I'd enjoy the quiet clean time♡

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    kisses :)

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  6. I found this post by visiting the Frugal Friday Link Up Party. OH MY Goodness...I use vinegar on everything. I even use it in my laundry. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love vinegar and also believe it is magic!

  8. Thanks for sharing on How To Get Organized At Home, this is awesome thanks for sharing many people are too afraid to live alone and I think it is an important learning curve if it is possible financially. Thanks again for sharing:)

  9. I agree that living on your own is a fun process. I was living with no roommates for a quite a bit. From your housekeeping tips I definitely have to say that I had so much fun reading about your uses for vinegar. maid service

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    Kathy Shea Mormino
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  12. I hadn't thought to schedule chores in, what a great idea. I am actually going to give it a go as I spend my whole week thinking about stuff that needs to be done. Loads of very useful tips. Thank you for sharing these with the #DreamTeam

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