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Oh, Life!

5:33 AM

Oh, life!

Thou art so cruel. Thou art so sweet.

I was chatting with a childhood friend I haven't seen for a long time. She's so anxious because anytime now, she's going to be giving birth to her first child.

We were talking like we used to and it dawned on me that day by day it seems nothing has changed. But when you look back everything's different.

All the horrors, all the changes in her body, in her life...she said she's not ready to be a mom just yet. I think nobody is. But when it's there, you just grab it and make the best of it. Well, who am I to say. I've never given birth yet.

Contemplating on that, I was browsing my news feed when another friend posted that she's in deep pain because her son just passed away. Wow! I'm right here, thinking about my great unknown, and here's someone my age mourning the loss of her child. Already!

All three of us were once so careless, were just enjoying our youth, we're busy preparing for our future.

A mother expecting her first child. A mother grieving the loss of her son. And a woman who still has a blank canvass observing everything.

You can say, one is quite late for the role expected of her. One is too young to experience something so sudden. The other is trapped in the uncertainty of life.

I am thrilled for my expectant friend. But, my heart also breaks for my friend who has lost one of the most important persons in her life.

Both are emotions too extreme to feel at once.

Oh, life! How sweet and how cruel. Sometimes you're on our side, sometimes you're against us.

How enigmatic. How puzzling. How inexplicable.

You've got me dumbfounded again.

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  1. Life dumbfounds me on a daily basis... I an in awe of what the human spirit can handle when given some time....:-/

    1. So true. You'll never really know how strong you are until being strong is all you've got left, so they say.

  2. I love that with old friends we can chat as if nothing has changed. I also love that technology keeps us connected so that when things go happen as with the loss of your friends child, we can step in and encourage the best way we know how. praying that God will use you to be a blessing to them both.

    big hugs

    also - helping others through grief can be awkward. Here are some things I do for others during this time. (I've also had them done when my dad passed away and was shocked at just how much these things really helped.)

    Thanks for being part of the Blogger Care Group

    1. Thank you, Marie. Thanks for the wise advice on your blog. I'm glad to be part of the Blogger Care Group.