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What It Really Means To Turn The Other Cheek

11:33 AM

What It Really Means To Turn The Other Cheek

Contrary to popular belief that turning the other cheek means being a push over, turning the other cheek actually means demanding to be treated as an equal.

Here's why:

Jesus lived in a different time during which people have different cultures. During His time, there are different types of slaps.  

Open-palm slap is the slap of a master to a slave. A backhand slap is the slap of equals.

When Jesus said, “If someone slaps you on the right cheek (an open-palm slap), turn your left cheek". Meaning, ask the other person to give you a backhand slap. 

Demand your abuser to treat you not as his subordinate or slave, but as his equal.  

To turn the other cheek is to show your disapproval of how you're being treated.

It was a hallelujah moment when I first heard this at The Feast.

Jesus does not want us to be powerless after all. He wants us to know our worth and demand to be treated justly, not to be belittled.  

He urges us to know our right and fight for it.

He's teaching us to demand respect.

He indeed came to give us life and have it in full.

So the next time someone treats you badly, go ahead and turn the other cheek. 

It's the right thing to do.

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  1. This is most interesting - I had no idea there were different types of slaps, so now that you've explained it, I finally understand the meaning of this old saying! Well, it's never too late to learn! I shall be telling my children about it. Thank you, Lux :)

  2. Thank you for contextualizing this passage!

  3. I didn't know this either. Thanks for the enlightenment.