Why People Turn Their Backs From Faith

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Don't try to change people; Love them so that they 
will learn to love themselves---and desire to change. 
-Bo Sanchez

I thought about why people turn their backs not only from religion but from faith altogether.

I don’t have to look far.

I too went hiatus from the church for a while. After going to Catholic schools from kindergarten to college, I started questioning my faith.

Why pray the rosary? Why ask for the saints’ intercessions? Why adore Mary? Why confess my sins to a priest?

A lot of things happened, and fast forward to today, I have recovered my faith.

I can understand the doubters.

Why People Turn Their Backs From Faith

1.   They’ve tried and tried searching for answers but, they didn’t get any.

2.   They’ve tried and tried searching for answers, and they met people who have already given up, making it easier for them to relate with.

3.   They’ve tried and tried searching for answers but, the answers they found confused them all the more.

4.   They are the “to see is to believe” kind of people.  Often, they want scientific proof, solid evidence and facts.

5.   They grew up in an environment where faith is not that important.

6.   They admire people, who are incidentally non-believers.

7.   They’ve been through enough pain and suffering that made it hard for them to believe the existence of a merciful God.

8.   They only see suffering and chaos. They can’t see the blessing anymore.

9.   They don’t know enough good people that will restore their faith in humanity.

10.   The world has been cruel to them (like it’s not cruel to all of us).

11.   They think it’s pointless to put your faith on something that’s not proven.

12.   They hear stories, experience and meet religious folks who show them the exact opposite of what’s being taught/preached.

13.   They’re too proud to admit that someone is bigger than them.

14.   They know too much they rely on themselves alone.

We can’t change them. We can only show them the light or confuse them even more by the way we live.  

As one priest often say after celebrating the mass, “You may be the only Gospel that someone will read today.  Be Good News.”

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  1. Some leave church (or faith) because they view other Christians as Hypocrites. The best way to regain your faith is to begin to daily read the Bible. Begin in the New Testament and slowly and systematically ready through until your Spirit begins to know Jesus Christ personally.
    Your answers are so true as the way a lot of people think only about themselves. God the Father is real, Jesus is real, Heaven is real, and the Holy Spirit is real. Thank you for a thoughtful post shared here at Tell me a Story.

  2. Thanks for your honest post, I am sure it will help others be open about their lives. My husband walked away from the Lord at 16, he got saved at 13. But like the prodigal son it was a process of leaving the things of God behind and picking up the things of the flesh. At 35 he begin his journey back to the Lord. Thank God for God never ending mercy for it reaches the ones who walked away too.