Music: Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

4:37 PM

Oceans by Hillsong United is one of the songs with the most profound lyrics I've heard about our imperfect faith and God's infinite love.

His perfect love is greater than our imperfections.

In our weakness, He is at His strongest.

Where our human frailty limits us, He can do the impossible and bring us farther than we can wander.

Our dead end is just the beginning of a new detour He has planned for us.

Nothing can limit His greatness.

With all that's going on right now, I thought it's right to share this music again.

Let us remember how blessed we are.
Let us remember how powerful our God is.

He can part the ocean to let His people go.
He can heal the sick and even raise the dead.

There is nothing God cannot do.

Let us declare in faith that this too shall pass. Our God is great than this virus.

Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea
or walked in the recesses of the deep?
Have the gates of death been shown to you?
Have you seen the gates of the deepest darkness?
Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth?
Tell me, if you know all this.
-Job 38: 16-18

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8:57 PM

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  1. beautiful song - thank you for sharing this ... I needed to hear the lyrics tonight.

    1. you're welcome! hope you had a good night sleep after hearing this reassuring song.