The Not So Legendary Ending Of How I Met Your Mother

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The Not So Legendary Ending Of How I Met Your Mother

The Not So Legendary Ending Of How I Met Your Mother

Spoiler alert!

Just finished watching the not so legendary ending of How I Met Your Mother.

I can’t believe that’s how How I Met Your Mother ended! Not cool. After all the heartaches Ted had to endure for nine long seasons, he will end up with Robin? Ugh!

It was not mentioned that Ted and Robin got back together in the end. But, it’s not rocket science.  Ted has and will always love Robin. Robin finally saw the light and realized that Ted is every woman’s ideal husband.

Robin deserves Barney. Duh. 

But, Ted? He doesn’t deserve Robin. He deserves Tracy.

Then again, CBS left us with no choice. Somewhere along the story, Tracy died. As if Ted hasn't been through a lot yet.  As if he didn't have enough heartaches in the past yet. So what will poor Theodore do? Go back to his old love Robin who is (surprise, surprise) still single and living with her dogs.  As if Robin can just trash and recycle Ted every time. 

I’m happy that Ted finally found her one true love in Tracy. I’m happy that Lily and Marshall are still together (they are the happily ever after every couple need to emulate). I’m not surprised that Barney is still living his legendary life  the way he thinks it must be lived. Although now, he's priority is his love child.

I’m just disappointed that after finally living his dream life, Ted will again fall back with Robin.  Because he's got no choice anymore. Because his one big love Tracy died. Can life be more cruel?

I've got nothing against Robin. She's a loyal friend. She's brave and bold enough to know what she wants and live her life at her own terms. She's not afraid to be alone. She gets what she wants and she's tough. No wonder men go after her.

It's just that---I'll say it again and again, Ted doesn't deserve her. Ted deserves more. Ted is too good for her.

There must be another way to end this series. It must be--- like the rest of the episodes in the nine long series, legendary.


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