Villains Are Lost Heroes

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Villains Are Lost Heroes
Where there is anger, 
there is always pain underneath.
-Eckhart Tolle

Villains are lost heroes. 

At least most of them are.

Read the life stories of famous villains and you will realize that they’re just normal (or supernatural) beings who went through something that changed the course of their lives.  

Sometimes it’s a traumatic and devastating event. Sometimes it’s loss and heartbreak. It could be betrayal. 

It could be too much pushing around and getting tired of being misunderstood. 

Here’s a look at some lost heroes we know:

Loki (Thor)

He's always wanted to make his father proud. He wanted to be a king, but his father wanted his brother Thor to take over his throne. He finds this hard to accept because he believes he's more capable and worthy (or been wanting to be good but no one but his mother notices or appreciates).

Electro (Spiderman)

He was a hardworking dude whose effort was unappreciated. He just wanted to be noticed, to feel relevant, and to have friends. His inferiority complex made him assume that Spiderman betrayed him. He's a good guy who was unfortunately electrocuted on his birthday (that caused him to have superpowers) and who's emotions got the better of him.

Medusa (Greek Mythology)

She was a beautiful maiden with golden hair. There are different versions of how she turned into the monster that she's known. In one version, she was raped and punished by gods. In another version, she vowed celibacy but was wooed by Poseidon, and so was punished by Athena. No matter, I think it's unfair that she was stripped of her natural beauty and punished in such a way.

Magneto (X-men)

At a very young age, he was exploited due to his special gift. His mom was murdered in front of him just so he would unleash his powers. He wanted justice. He wanted to free the world from what he believed are the real antagonists of the story---normal human beings who are evil. He wanted to protect his fellow mutants. Plus of course, someone who's been broken that early and that bad will have a hard time forgiving and living "normally".

Voldemort (Harry Potter)

He's known as the most powerful wizard in the world of Harry Potter. Tom Marvolo Riddle's hunger for power and hatred for Muggles mainly root from his being abandoned by his Muggle father. He wanted to prove his place in the magical world. Plus of course, he's a direct descendant of Slytherin who's known for his thirst for power. He was also conceived with his mom using the love potion to his father. No real love there. You have to read the Half Blood Prince to really understand where all his wrath is coming from.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

She was betrayed by the man she loved, and she lost her faith in love and in humanity.
She was a good fairy who was deeply hurt. (More on: Life Lessons From Maleficent)

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story)

He was unintentionally left in the park by his owner.  After all his effort of going back home, he discovered that he was replaced.  Again, the feeling of abandonment, rejection and betrayal turned another good character into a cold-hearted villain.

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

He was hopelessly in love with Lily Evans. He became a favorite target of bullying of the Marauders and eventually became rivals with James Potter for Lily. The man he loathed ended up with the woman he deeply loved until his last breath.

Poison Ivy (Batman)

An environmentalist and botany enthusiast, Dr. Lillian Rose was poisoned by Marc LeGrande for fear that she will implicate him on his theft. Obviously, the poison did not kill her, but unleashed the crazy side of this timid girl.

The Duke of Monroth (Moulin Rouge)

He was an eager investor in the show Spectacular Spectacular, who fell in love and eventually became obsessed with the star, Satine. When he found out Satine was in love with someone else, he threatened not only to withdraw his investment, but also tried to kill Satine's lover, Christian.

Love makes you do crazy things.

For these villains, they could be doing the world a favor by being the evil that they are. Or they may just be crying for justice.

A villain is a hero in his own story.

We'll never know and appreciate good without evil. 

Hate them or love them. The world will be boring without villains.

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  1. The villains show us how we could turn out if we don't learn to forgive and try again... the actual hero's go through similar trials and they choose to deal with them differently... It is pretty difficult to always choose to overcome but it is the only way to grow to be who we are meant to be xox

  2. I beg to differ but then this is about comic books characters so I guess this is written for Halloween and should not be taken seriously.

  3. This is a message I don't read about often! I like the tweets!

  4. Part of Voldermort's problem was being born out of a love spell. JK Rowling said any person born out of this could not feel love. If you don't remember his mom used a love spell on his muggle father.

    I will agree that well-written villains usually have that tipping point, but they're always better when they make that choice on their own. That's why Venom bested the Green Goblin as Spiderman's greatest nemesis. The green goblin was created by an accident that sparked insanity. Venom took over Eddie Brock who was more than eager to take his revenge on Spider-man

  5. Postagem maravilhosa ótimas dicas

  6. Without the villians we would have no heroes.

  7. I always thought about this... there's always a two side of the story and these villains will not be villains for no reason.. they were all mistreated or betrayed or they had a miserable life in the past.... it just so happened that they have chosen the wrong way of revenge

  8. I think the most tragic out of all of them is Maleficent </3

  9. i surely pity some villains like loki
    Sucha great post

  10. I think we are all who we are because of where we have been.

  11. Oh wow! I loooovveeee this! That poison Ivy part did take me back yeaaarrss.. mega Throw back memory i tell you Buibba..

    Truth is just as you said ehnn Bubba.. Villains are characters who went through experiences that more or less molded them negatively.. But think about it LuxY.. It was a choice to tow the paths they did.. they had teh option to maximize these powers and to also direct the pain into positive use.. but they did not. And i think it is same with life. hence for whatever moment we go through ehn Lux toh Sure.. Bubba toh fine.. I for one believe that it is always waayy beRRa to make the best POSITIVE use of both our Painful and happy moments..

    This was such a ghen ghen post Bubba.. One of my best posts of all October aswear.. Thanks for sharing... and the crowd goes.. Ooooossshhheeey! Turn uP! xx

  12. Oh no:). I'm a comedy all the way and the action:).


  13. I completely agree with you, babe! I absolutely loved your take on villains. I didn't know the story of Medusa, but gosh, Maleficent was actually my fav! </3

  14. Great list of villains and back stories, Lux! It is a matter of how we take the hardship in life and if we turn into the villain, or if we have God help us work through the pain. Thanks for sharing and hope you have an amazing weekend. Blessings :)

  15. ;D

    Bem interessante. Eu gosto de vilões! rs!

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  16. It is an interesting interpretation about villains being heroes. This reminded of Hitler. Do you think Hitler is a hero turned villain?

    I agree with you that if a person is pushed to hard and ill treated he will be forced to defend himself. It is said that even a worm will turn when pushed too much.

    This post has a lesson in that we should treat others in the same way we want to be treated.

  17. Enjoyed this post! I know I root for the villain...sometimes. #BloggerCareGroup

  18. Really interesting post!! :)

  19. I think I very much agree with you on the fact that most villains are hurting in some way and that pain has been handled badly or not handled at all, which is why it results in them being the way that they are. I definitely agreed with Magneto and Loki here! And the Moulin Rouge one too.

  20. Yes I think that people can turn towards hatred when they feel slighted or punished unjustly but as for these heros I hardly even recognise the names of them - guess I'm really out of the movie scene.