Exploring Fortune Island

11:15 PM

Exploring Fortune Island

We went to Fortune Island (read more about the island here); an hour and a half away from Nasugbu, Batangas by boat. There were 16 of us. 

When we came to the island, I never regretted my decision of going. The scenery was stunning; bluish-green clear water, white sand, and the ruins, which added to the appeal of the place. Above the cliff at the far side of the island are columns, which resemble that in Parthenon Greece and some ruined statues. There were foreigners who were cliff-diving at the other end.

Amazing what nature can make you feel. I felt totally alive just being there, I felt so relaxed lying by the shore. It was an even unreal experience just sitting there with the moon illuminating the night, witnessing it rise above, quietly sitting on the sand with a bunch of people talking/laughing behind me, and some discussing about photography. It’s like basking in God’s inexplicable love. 

The first on my agenda was to take pictures (of course!), and so I took lots and lots of it. Or at least before my phone died on me.

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we arrived around noon, but the scorching heat of the sun never bothered us

my friend who invited me

replica of the Spanish warship

inside the shipwreck

the water was so inviting we didn't bother changing and went straight for a swim...and pictures of course

#morethingstotry and #moreplacestosee for 2014...checked!

Photos from my phone.

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  1. Really nice pics. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. i did! thanks, chelsea. hope you enjoyed your summer too. :)

  2. Rocks and ancient ruines wow! ;)

  3. You r indeed a globe-trotter!