8 Feel-Good Movies to Binge-Watch

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Feel-Good Movies to Binge-Watch

Any weekend plans? How about binge-watching some feel-good movies? God knows we need some sanguine flicks to help us get through where we are right now. 

Here are my favorite feel-good movies in no particular order.

8 Feel-Good Movies to Binge-Watch

1. Flipped

These middle school kids in the early 60's will prove to you that even at such an early age, love can happen. 

Flipped is more than just conquering the awkwardness of growing up. 

It shows how girls think differently than boys. As with Juli, it shows how girls are not all hair and no substance.

This coming of age movie is also about families and the different views of people who live different lives. 

Some of us lives in a fancy house, but all rotten and broken inside (like Mr. Loski) while others live simply yet are genuinely happy and have hearts of gold (like Juli's family).

Why I like it

Juli Baker. Her family's love and values, her brilliant perspective, and her strong character. 

She maybe young, but unlike girls her age, she's got substance. As Bryce's grandfather described her, she's "a girl with an iron backbone" and is "iridescent". 

She's got no time for shallow things and people. 

I also like the way Bryce finally caught up with her, saw what a gem Juli is, and did everything he could to make it up to her.

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2. About Time

About an awkward 21-year-old guy who discovered that he can travel in time. He used this "gift" to find his one true love. 

As he travels back in time, he learned that what he does today affects everyone else's future. And that there are things we take for granted that we can never get back.  

Time is the most valuable asset we possess and the best gift we can offer.

Why I like it

I like Rachel McAdams. 

There was never a boring scene in the movie. 

I like Tim's character. All the sacrifices he did for Mary---even sacrificing their first date for his obnoxious friend, and the way he loves and puts his family first. 

My favorite part, which is also the saddest in the movie was when he traveled back in time with his dad, back when he was a kid and they would spend quality time by the beach.

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Two women from different generations, going through different things every day, but with the same passion and spirit. 

This movie is about Julia Child's journey to becoming the famous professional cook that she is today. 

And Julie Powell, a telephone operator and a food blogger turned author whose book was made into this movie...and how their lives were changed by finding their passion.

Why I like it

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are a delight to watch. 

How Julie Powell's blog gained traffic is every blogger's dream. I've always been a frustrated cook, too.

Julie and Julia are inspiring because they both didn't give up on what they want in life despite the dream stealers around them. 

I love their wonderful husbands! They're both extremely blessed to have such supportive partners.

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4. Serendipity

Two good-looking strangers met, fell in love instantly, separated, hoped they'll meet again someday...and always believed they'll end up together. 

Finally, after years of not seeing each other, their paths crossed again. And they found what they felt was missing in their lives after their first meeting.

Why I like it 

It's every hopeless romantic's kind of movie. 

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5. 50 First Dates

A romantic comedy film about Lucy, a girl with Goldfield Syndrome (a type of anterograde amnesia), and Henry, a guy working in Sea Life Park who loved her despite their challenging situation. 

He did everything to make Lucy love him even if it means introducing himself to her, and making her fall in love with him every day for the rest of their lives.

Why I like it

It draws a beautiful picture of how love should be - persevering, patient, and selfless.  

Love is not just lip service. 

Love is action. It's serving the other person every day.  

It's about being there in sickness and in health. 

Love makes you face the uncertain with a sense of security knowing that someone's got your back.

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6. Bruce Almighty

A comedy about a regular guy with great life ambitions who met God. 

Bruce's arrogance turned into humility after he was given God's tasks and power. 

At first, he used it to his advantage. But eventually, he lost the one thing that's most important to him.

Why I like it  

Jim Carrey is hands-down hilarious. 

What I like most is the way the movie demonstrates that God gives us everything we need, not what we want.  

It also shows how genuine His love for us is. Though He can do the impossible, He gave us the choice to whether accept His love or not.

He never forces us to love, worship, or serve Him. 

This movie has shown me how beautiful the gift of free will is.

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7. The Lake House

A remake of Korean film II Mare, The Lake House is a romantic drama about an architect living in the past and a doctor who lives two years ahead. 

They communicate by sending each other mails until they finally decided to meet. 

Why I like it 

The uniqueness of the plot is captivating. I just can't imagine holding on to something as strange and as beautiful as loving someone from a different time. 

It's not every day you encounter a love story as admirable as this. And of course...Keanu Reeves.

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8. Just Like Heaven

A fantasy love story about unfinished business. 

Elizabeth is a dedicated doctor whose life revolved around her work. 

David Abbott is a landscape architect who's mourning his wife's death. 

Both have emotional and personal issues. Both will discover what they need, what they're missing, and how to resolve their issues in an unexpected way.

Why I like it  

Mark Ruffalo seems like the nice unassuming guy you can't help but adore. He's so winsome.

The movie is about knowing that there are more important things in life than work or career. 

It also shows how we stop ourselves from experiencing beautiful things in life if we keep holding on to our past. 

Yet another movie that shows love as the most powerful force on earth.

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Afterthought: Looking at this list made me realize what a sucker for love stories I am. 😅

How about you? What's your favorite feel-good movie to binge-watch? Maybe you can add these to your list.

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  1. 6 out of 8! I guess we have similar taste in movies :) These are all really sweet movies that would make any day brighter really :)