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My Virtual Friend

9:28 AM

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The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Day 29: Who is your closest or most special friend that you've never met and what do they mean to you? How did you cross paths? Talk about how you “met” them: Facebook, Twitter, an online support group, etc.

My Virtual Friend

I have one good virtual friend whom I haven't met personally yet. We have a mutual friend, then we started texting regularly and he even gave me a Bible as a Christmas present.

He was a seminarian then. Now he's a priest. We could talk about anything and everything under the sun. We argue and often agree to disagree.

He gives me numerous advice about life and I'd give him my two cents. He asks me for medical advice too and he'll answer my spiritual inquiries.

Our communication stopped when he got busy with priesthood and was assigned in a Catholic school. 

Still, whenever we get the chance to chat, it feels like the old times. It's been more than a decade since we started being friends. 

I'm glad I share this kind of friendship. 

A virtual friend whom I know is genuine compared to those I see face to face but are not 100% sincere.

Amazing what technology can do, right?

Bridging gaps, building friendships.

Do you have a virtual friend you feel a genuine connection with?

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  1. Lovely story. God Bless, Jesus Love, Live, Save! God is Able!