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20 Things I Would Tell My High School Self

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20 Things I Would Tell My High School Self
You may feel like it's the end, but it's only the beginning.

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge
Day 18: If you could have a conversation with yourself in high school, what would you say?

There are things I would like to tell my high school self.

Don't we all wish we have a time machine so we can go back and redo or undo a few things?  I bet if we could, most of us will go back to high school.

That's when majority of our boo boos happened. It's also when we met great people who became our lifelong friends, when we couldn't care less, when we learned some of the best life lessons, and when some wonderful moments happened.

20 Things I Would Tell My High School Self

1. You've got brilliant ideas! Don't be afraid to speak up and share it to the world.  

I used to always hold back in sharing especially during a class. I know the answers while the rest of my classmates would stare back blankly when a teacher asks a question. Then I'd hate hate hate it when the teacher would reveal the answer because it's exactly what I was thinking. This did not happen just once, but all throughout my student life.  

2. Time is important. Discipline begins now.

3. Don't cut your hair too short! It won't be as lustrous as it is now when it grows back.

4. Haters are confused admirers. Enjoy the attention but continue to work on improving yourself.

5. Watch T.V. less.

6. Learn to say "no" as early as now.

7. Careful who you trust. Not everyone who calls you friend are really your friends.

8. ALWAYS wear lotion.  

9. Eat more veggies! You'll thank me later.

10. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

11.  Don't take life too seriously. You're only young once.

12. Sweet Valley is nice, but read more John Grishams and Sidney Sheldons. You'll never have enough time to read.

13.  Now is the best time to start tithing and investing.

14. Go take that risk!

15. Don't use that product.

16. Everything will make sense a little later.  

17. Keep on dancing!

18. It will sometimes suck, but just hang in there.  

19. You are the only one stopping you.  

20.  You may feel like it's the end, but it's only the beginning.

High school is a beautiful prerequisite to the real world. It exposed us to different kinds of people, allowed us to experience different things, gave us our highs and our lows, gave us a preview of what life is going to be, provided us our first taste of hellos and goodbyes.

My high school self had a blast. I know I could have done better, I could have made wiser decisions and I could have been more cautious. If I could go back, I'd tell my high school self all these 20 things.

But maybe I would also just let myself be, and watch myself trip, fall, laugh and discover life the way I did. That's where the fun really was.

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  1. I read Sweet Valley too. I was obsessed with those books and they are what made me want to be a writer. Great blog!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I love this. I can agree totally with the hair thing! Why did I ever cut it off?? LOL

  3. I read sweet valley too!! Lol!! I loved your tips to your high school self! "always wear lotion" may have been my fave!