It Can Never Be You And Me

9:32 AM


i tried to think things through,
a million times or so,
why it can never ever be me and you

i've always been aware of our differences,
always known everyone are against,
i never listened, I refused to see
why it can never be you and me.

i’m way too stubborn to listen to what they say
saying, “i don’t care what tomorrow will bring as long as we're happy”
but I have always known it can never be, 
and will never be you and me.

i held on as long as i could
i’ve given more than i should
i didn’t mind then how the ending would go
although I already knew
it can never be me and you

i’ll never regret that i’ve given my best
i only wish i gave it to someone else,
i guess it’s just plain to see
it can never be you and me

our time’s over, i’ve somehow anticipated this
no final goodbye, not a hug nor a kiss.

you always say you’re just a phase to me.
i guess what you were really trying to say
was it can never be you and me.

you refused to end it right
you’re not worthy, so I quit my fight.

now I admit it, now I can truly say,
it can and it will never be you and me.

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  1. What a sweet poem when a person realizes it can never be you and me. I had a teen boyfriend, and I suppose we were in love. He wanted to marry me, but I knew in my heart that it could never be as he refused to be a man of God. I told him so but he did not believe me. Thankfully God caused things to happen to separate us. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.