I Choose To Forgive You

9:59 PM

I Choose To Forgive You

No matter what the world feeds you; anger, bitterness, confusion, pain---choose to forgive. At the end of the day, like love, forgiveness is a choice.

So I made a mental note that despite the heaviness in my heart each time I wake up, 
despite the hurting that doesn't seem to stop in every waking hours,
despite the questions that keep running in my head,

despite the self-doubt and the crashing of self-worth that you brought me,
despite the grudge I unconsciously hold,
at the end of the day, I can still say I've forgiven you.

It's a constant struggle. 

You told me so yourself, there are things in this world we can never explain. You're right.

I would never understand nor will be able to explain some things.
Why did you  have to choose me, and leave me in the end?
Why did you  have to promise me so many things, when you always knew you're a coward and you can't deliver them?

Why did you have to say hurtful things and blame me, so you can cover up your personal issues?

What did I ever do to you to merit this?

I guess life's like that.
Shit happens. So you have to happen.

Maybe I'll find the answer soon. Maybe never.

And despite those uncertainties... I still choose to forgive you.

I can say with all sincerity, that despite what you did...I forgive you.

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