How I Learned To Love How I Met Your Mother

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How I Learned To Love How I Met Your Mother

How I Learned To Love How I Met Your Mother

When I first saw the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, I thought it was lame. I thought the lines weren't funny, the story dragged and the characters were shallow.

That's because I watched the 3rd episode of the 5th series. Naturally, I couldn't appreciate the story. I don't know who these people are, how they've arrived there, why they talked that way. So I changed the channel and totally forgot about it.

It was Robin 101, where Ted---the guy who tells the story of how he met the mother of his two kids, was teaching Barney---his crazy womanizer of a friend, things he need to know about Robin.

Ted dated Robin for a while and remained friends with her after that. It was quite a twist for Barney to fall in love with Robin if you know how Barney is with women. It's even crazier for Robin to fall for Barney, as she's the type who doesn't prioritize romance. I actually kind of hate her more often than not because she can be slutty at times.

When I found out that one of my fave bloggers (Bitchy Miss Ilongga) loves the show, I got curious and gave it another shot. So I watched the pilot episode...and instantly fell in love with the show!

Meet the How I Met Your Mother Characters:

Ted Mosby is every hopeless romantic's kind of guy. Committed, passionate about his work as an architect, a loyal friend, sensible, managed to stay sane and strong (with his friend's support) despite the trauma of being left at the altar, relentless in his quest for finding his one true love, quirky but in an adorable kind of way. Ted is someone who takes life and love seriously---so much so sometimes that it leaves him always heartbroken. Every woman's dream guy.

Marshall Eriksen is Lily's long time boyfriend, turned fiance, turned husband and Ted's longest and best friend (although Barney always objects). He's the most unrealistic of all characters. He's got the kindest heart, he's only had sex with one woman all his life! He feels guilty liking women that he needs to imagine Lily dying before fantasizing about them. He's a lawyer and the tallest and largest of them, but he seems to be the most childish, kindest, gentlest and innocent among the group.


Lily Aldrin is still Willow to me (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer's best friend). She's still this awkward petite red hair who speaks softly, somewhat poker face but can really be funny. The woman is uncanny whenever she plots and makes things happen the way she wants them. She's a preschool teacher. For me, that's the ultimate job.

Robin Scherbatsky. The character I like the least. She's slutty. She'll sleep with almost any guy out there who'll hit with her, she's scared of talking about her feelings, she runs away from romance. She's very dedicated with her profession though, plus she can be the girl friend whom you can run to and will defend you whenever necessary, I'll give her that.

Barney Stinson. Barney, Barney, Barney. What will ll the group do without you? He's the life of the party.

He's the male counterpart of Robin; will sleep with any hot chick he sees and he's been so hurt in the past that he's scared to commit again as well. He's always "suiting up", he's got theories nobody wants to hear but he's always eager to share and Barney for Barney is the "awesomest" guy who's ever walked on earth. I follow his blog and it never fails to make me laugh like a loony every time I read it. Sometimes you'll hate his callousness but, secretly he's got a genuine heart and he's also loyal to his friends. Gotta love Barnabas Stinson.

There's really nothing extraordinary about these 5 people who regularly meet at McLaren's Bar, talk about their day and try as much as they can to help one another whenever a crisis arise.

They love to make fun of each other but takes their friendship seriously. I guess everyone with friends would understand that the weirder, the quirkier, the more annoying someone can be, the more lovable they are (sometimes).  

This show will make you laugh out loud, but you'll also learn a lot from the characters' flaws and adventures, the reality they present and you'll love the genuine friendship these 5 people share.

We all have friends who can drive us crazy but whom we're also crazy about. Friends whom we can certainly grow old with.

All of us long for the day when we can sit with our kids and tell them the incredible story of how we met their mother (or father). I think the moment I realized that was when I learned to love How I Met Your Mother.

It was, wait for it....legendary!

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