About Hush Puppies And Finding Your One True Love

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About Hush Puppies And Finding Your One True Love

Our feet are one of the most overworked and neglected parts of our bodies. 

Last weekend I went shopping with my friend and saw a big SALE sign.

Hush Puppies.

Because my current pair's already on the verge of giving up on me, we went inside.

And there I found...

Comfortable. Stylish. Great quality pairs. 

Like that cute little puppy that wags its tail when it sees you come home, these things bring comfort.

This shoe shopping got me thinking...

About Hush Puppies and Finding Your One True Love

Searching for the right pair of shoes is like finding your one true love.  

There are many prospects out there. 

You'd be tempted to take the one that looks stylish. Unless you try it on though, you'll never know if it's right for you.  

Most of the time, it isn't. Sad but true. Looks could really be deceiving.  

So you move on and look for another one. 

The search seems endless and futile.

If you're not patient, you'll settle for what's there in front of you. Regardless if you like it or not.

But settling for less will only make you regret your decision in the end.

Learn to enjoy the waiting moment and the search.  

The longer the journey, the sweeter it will be when you finally arrive at your destination.

The more challenging the search, the more you'll cherish it when you find it.

The pain you endured while walking around looking...

The frustration that comes with disappointment if it doesn't fit...

It'll be worth it. I promise.

And bring a friend with you!

A patient friend who also believes you'll be victorious in the end.

A friend who wants the best for you. Who will not abandon you when the going gets tough.

A friend who can help you see reason.

Friends are angels in disguise. 

When you finally found the one, you'll be thankful for all those that didn't work out. 

They'll help you treasure the right one.

They'll make you see the difference.

The right pair of shoes, as with your one true love, doesn't have to be perfect. 

Nothing is.  

It just has to be the right fit.

It should make you feel at home. Comfortable. And like you can go places.

I'm glad I finally found the one... 

The one pair of shoes, that is. 😁

My Hush Puppies shoes

Edit: I wrote this when I was single. The search for the right one is finally over. I'm now happily married to my husband who is my home, my comfort, and who makes me feel like I can go places. 

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