Sherlock TV Series

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Sherlock TV Series

Sherlock TV Series

I first heard it from a friend and I knew instantly that Sherlock T.V. series would be a big hit. 

I was right. From the pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes to the big screen and now, on TV this British TV series got me hooked! 

First season was aired on 2010 with only 3 episodes. Second season with 3 episodes too came out 2012. Only 3 for you to beg for more but just enough to excite and satisfy you. Maybe the producers didn't want their viewers to die of brain hemorrhage due to information overload.

Sherlock TV series is on top of my favorite TV shows to date. I just love how it's done.

When Sherlock starts explaining the crime scenes or analyzing people and telling their stories by simply observing the way they look and move at a very high speed that he's almost like babbling, there's only one word that comes in mind---amazing.

Really, makes you go "wow!"

He also has his own "mind palace" where he stores information in his mind and as Watson, his flatmate turned assistant and faithful friend explained, like a map he created in his head where he would go back to find things or information he stored and so he never gets lost.  For someone with short term memory loss like myself, that is just astonishing. 

I love it when he's showing off and admits it unabashedly. He knows he's different but he doesn't feel sorry for it. In fact he's sorry for other people who is not and will never be him.

I like it that he doesn't give a damn what people would think, say and write about him because he knows who he really is. In his own words he is a "show off".

When he gets bored and throws a tantrum because there's no case to solve-- ah, too adorable.

He doesn't eat when he's on a case because he said digestion slows his brains down. And he seldom sleeps. Weird, yes. But in a charming kind of way.

Sherlock loves Mrs. Hudson, his landlady who insists she's not his housekeeper but looks after him like a kid. Cute.

Like all men, Sherlock's downfall is of course, a woman. "The Woman" by the name of Irene Adler.

First time he saw her, he couldn't figure out what kind of a person she is. Which brought panic to our dear Mr. Holmes as it was the first time that he's got zero information about someone in front of him.

Then again, he is Sherlock Holmes and so he still beat her in the end.  

I'm done with all six episodes. It was a struggle stopping myself from watching all 6 in one night.

Why do we have to work at day time when there is a TV series as great as Sherlock to watch? Now I'm biting my nails waiting for Season 3.

Spoiler alert: I'm dying to know how he faked his own death when Watson saw him fall from the rooftop!

2013 couldn't come early, could it?

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