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God desires your best always.

This is from Kerygma family's online reflections sent daily in my inbox. 

Because I love the preacher who wrote this and what he wrote is so timely for me, I'm sharing this to you:

What's Best

by: Arun Gogna

“What is it you want?" – Matthew 20:21

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” my father asked me when I was five years old. I answered, “I want to be a cowboy!”

It’s a good thing my dad didn’t take my answer seriously. If he did, he would have saved up for a horse for me to ride when I grew up. Imagine me walking in a mall wearing a cowboy suit and going around riding a horse.

I thank God that my father knew what was best for me. In fact, he believed in me so much that when I was six, he asked me again what I would like to become when I grew up.

I answered confidently, “Papa, I don't want to be a cowboy anymore. I want to be an astronaut!”

When I changed my mind, he didn't force that cowboy decision on me.

God is your Father. He knows you very well.

It’s a good thing He doesn't answer all our prayers.

If He did, our lives could be such a mess.

God desires your best always.

Trust Him.

What do you really want in life? Are you sure?

I thank You, Lord, for not answering all my prayers. I put my trust in You.

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