More About Lux - Random Questions

Hey! It's Lux. Writer, admin, social media manager, pretty much the one-woman team behind About Life and Love blog. 

Found these random questions online that I would answer to give you a glimpse of who I am as a person minus the blogger side.

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Random Questions

What was your favorite subject in school?


What is your favorite drink?

Chamomile tea.

What is your favorite song at the moment?

Hold My Hand - Michael Jackson and Akon.

What is your favorite food?

New York Cheesecake. 

Favorite book of all time:

Harry Potter series.

Favorite Color:


Do you speak any other language?

Yes. Tagalog and Hiligaynon (dialect).

Favorite Movie?

Feel-good movies like Flipped and Julie & Julia.

Favorite TV shows?

The Big Bang Theory, Monk, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sherlock.

Can you cook?


What makes you cry?

A good plot. Pets and loved ones dying. Betrayal.

Scary movie or happy endings?

I'm a sucker for happy endings.

What was the last book you read?

How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul (Jason and Crystalina Evert).

Which famous person (dead or alive) would you want to meet? 

I'd like to meet Jesus because there's so much I want to say to Him and I have questions that I know only Him could answer. I also want to meet Michael Jackson and thank him for his music, his love and his kindness. But also because I just want to hug him.

I'd like to meet JK Rowling because I LOVE her work. And I want to meet Ellen Degeneres because I think she's one of the nicest people out there.

Pet peeves:

People who can dish it out but can't take it. Hypocrisy. Dirty bathroom.

What is your greatest dream?

That one day I'll be so filthy rich that I can afford to buy an island/large piece of land for stray dogs to call home. So they're safe from cruelty and they can be well fed and be taken care of.

Prolific Living Questions:

What activities in your life lights you up with joy?

Traveling be it in a new city, a museum, or a beach. Catching up with friends over good food. Being surrounded with dogs. Watching Michael Jackson perform. Writing, writing, writing. 

What is something you always love doing, even when you are tired or rushed? Why?

Listening to music. Or a fun podcast like The Morning Rush. It relaxes me.

If a relationship or job makes you unhappy, do you choose to stay or leave?

I already left.

What do you fear about leaving a bad job or a bad relationship?

Nothing really. If it's making me feel less about myself, what could be worse?

What do you believe is possible for you?

That I can be what I want to be, if only I believe, work hard for it, and not give up.

What have you done in your life that you are most proud of?

I've helped my siblings finish school.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to spread love, kindness, and positive vibes with what I do and what I write. When people think of me, I want them to remember how valued and loved they felt in my presence. Love and kindness are two gentle, quiet yet most powerful forces in the world. Their effect ripples through eternity.

If you could have one single wish granted, what would it be?

I wish that people start to truly, sincerely, and totally respect each other. If there is respect among people, race, gender, religion, age won't matter. It won't be a hindrance to our success. There will be no war, there will be no hostility. If we respect each other as human beings, we will stop using one another for our own gains, we will stop hurting each other by words, or actions, and we will start celebrating each other's differences.

How comfortable are you with your own mortality?

When I started to understand that we are citizens of heaven, that we are put on earth for a purpose and that is to love and spread love, I began to realize that mortality is not something to be feared. It is something to be embraced for mortality is a gift, not a curse, not a burden. Mortality is part of being human. Mortality is something special that we need to cherish, respect, and celebrate.

What is your highest core value?

I always look at things on the bright side. It's not about turning a blind eye to the problem, but looking at it, and confidently knowing that no matter how big an obstacle it is, I can conquer it.

To your best knowledge, how do other people perceive you?

People will always tell me that I have a strong personality. I intimidate them. And it's as though I can handle anything, I am resilient, and that I am independent. Which is actually tiring sometimes, because people always assume that I can handle anything life throws at me. Not true!

How would you like others to perceive you?

I just want them to respect me; respect my time, my space, and let me be. I don't really care how they perceive me. Whatever they see in me, I just want them to respect that.