Ask Lux

friends chatting over coffee donuts

Because we can't chat over coffee...

Ask Lux 

It's a little corner here in About Life and Love where you can ask me questions about life, love, and whatnot. I will do my very best to answer them or shed some light.

Fast fact: Lux means light in Latin. 😊

The mission of this blog is to make you feel you're not alone in your journey. This is my way of thanking you for your support. This is me staying true to my mission.

Ask Lux is not exclusive to deep philosophical questions. It could be about products, books, my opinion on issues, etc.

Consider this our online coffee chat.

A coffee conversation with me (although in real life, I would most likely order tea).

I will answer your questions in whichever way you prefer:

  • private email
  • through a post mentioning your name or anonymously
Send your questions through the Contact form here.

Thank you and I look forward to a meaningful conversation with you.

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