Ask Lux

Because we can't chat over coffee...

Ask Lux is a new corner on About Life and Love where you can ask me questions about life, love, and whatnot and I will try to answer them.

I'm no psychiatrist, nor am I a philosopher. Let's just say my greatest teacher is experience, and I'm turning my battle scars into stars to give light to those in the dark. So, I might just know the answers to your nagging life questions.

Ask Lux is not exclusive for deep philosophical questions though. It could be about products, books, my opinion on issues, etc.

Think about it like you're talking to your friend over coffee. A coffee conversation with me (although in real life, I would most probably order tea).

I can email you the answer, or if you want, I'll create a post about it with or without revealing your name. Your choice (I will keep your email private of course).

Send your questions through the Contact form below.

Thank you and I look forward to a meaningful conversation with you.

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