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About My Father: An Essay Written By My Brother

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About My Father: Essay Written by My Brother

About My Father: An Essay Written By My Brother


Gladiolus is a flower that represents Strength of Character. 

As the youngest child in the family, many big things were expected to come from me. Being the only boy only doubles that expectation. 

It wasn't always a breeze to learn and grow, but I managed. 

Learning to be alone is something that my father has always taught me; to be my own person no matter what happens and no matter what others may say. 

To me my father is many things: a mentor, a person I hope to surpass, and someone who taught me on how to be a better man. 

Although my father can be somewhat detached from showing signs of emotions, it did pave the way for me to be more reserve and observant. 

I can still remember seeing my father come home late and seeing him get off earlier than me. 

It seems to always stun me to ponder the idea on just how headstrong and determined he is.

Dad was never always a happy camper. He had a rough time growing up but he never let that stop him from travelling around the world. 

Something two of my sisters have done as well. 

It serves to me as a reminder that if my father and sisters were able to go and travel despite the challenges they faced, then I have no excuse to exceed their achievements.

The term graveyard shift or the phrase work yourself to death never seems to appear on my dad's vocabulary as he works on both weekends and weekdays. 

But what made me admire him most is his motivation as to why he works six times a week.

He is motivated to give us, his family, a better life. Something he never experienced and something he is driven to do.

He has money to provide for himself. He can level the rooms of the house to his own liking, he can buy himself a car if he wants to, or go on expensive trips, even buy anything he would want.

But he chooses to spend his hard-earned money on us, his family. And for that I am thankful.

Even when we are polar opposites and we never see eye to eye; I am thankful for my dad.

The flower Gladiolus really does symbolize my father through and through.

That is why I am proud of my dad. He is my knight and my hero.

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