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Portrait Tattoo: Artists, Skills, Designs

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A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.
-V. Vale

People admire portraits as it gives your home and buildings that perfect finish. Special artist who have years of experience and are trained in the related field can make such piece of art.

Portrait tattoos have been in use for a long time now. They can be customized with different colors and designs to make you look trendy. It gives the feeling of realism to the viewer.

You will find thousands of portrait tattoo artists in the cities, states as well as places near you. You can even use online option to search such artists.

Safety Features

Each tattoo artist ensures all the essential requirements needed to achieve a marvelous piece of work.

  • They analyze dimension, reality, shadow as well as light which play an important role in making such paintings. Passionate artists are well renowned in the state for their work. Skilled tattoo artists are mostly experienced in making beautiful portraits along with life-long features. 
  • They find pleasure in transforming an image of your loved ones in fine art work on the skin. It has become an element of fashion just like people choose different accessories, clothes and apparels. 
  • There is a slight difference from the other tattoo artists in that the portrait designs are more personalized and they can be designed both manually and also with the help of advanced tools and techniques. 

Portrait Tattoo Artists

Here are 4 well known portrait tattoo artists:

Dmitriy Samohin
There are many unmatched portfolios of him. His realism theme of making tattoos has been admired by many. He is specialized in making both, colored as well as black & white tattoo on human body. He has received many awards for his unsurpassed work in the field. The name of Damitriy Samohin is one of the top tattoo artist’s names around the world which belongs to Ukraine.

David Corden
Another name in the list comes from the Portland area, David Corden, who has started his career in the tattooing in 2006 under the guidance of Jim Gambell. He is proficient with portrait works along with pin ups as well.

Logan Aguliar
Logan is well known for his works of realism tattooing which gives a realistic appearance to the photos and portraits in the form of various tattoos.

Nikko Hurtado
This tattoo artist comes from Hesperia, CA known as the proprietor “BLACK ANCHOR COLLECTIVE”.

Necessary Skills for Tattoo Artists

It is kind of a unique profession which calls for a special sort of talent or skills to achieve a successful career in this field. Few of the countable skills could be mentioned below, but most of the other expertise is a matter of time and experience.

  • The very first and basic thing is, you should be creative and must possess excellent sort of artistic skills.
  • S/he must have the knack in getting the theme as explained by the client so that the exact type of demanded pictures can be carved out.
  • They must be conscious about the hygiene and health perspectives while applying tattoos on the human contours. 
  • All measures should be taken good care in terms of avoiding spread of any infections.
  • They must be adept in identifying the skin type so that they can apply the coloring and other stuff according to it.

If you go to a skilled tattoo artist for personalized tattoos, wounds/rashes or allergies can be taken good care of instantly in the event that it will occur, and whether you should push through or not will be decided by an expert.

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  1. Oh, you have a guest blogger today. That's nice!

  2. I had a tiny tattoo done years ago was too much of a coward to have anything bigger heheh!

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    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. Hi, Luxie!

    This is a timely post because Mrs. Shady and I are currently watching the TV series Prison Break which features the character Michael Scofield:

    I highly recommend that American TV series.

    Few things I can think of separate the generations as easily as tattoos, piercings and other forms of body alteration. Most boomers I know do not have tattoos and do not like the trend. Our 19 year old granddaughter recently got a tattoo on her upper arm and Mrs. Shady threw a fit. She came right out and said to our granddaughter "It's ugly." When I was growing up the only tattoos I ever saw were on men, typically sailors and carnies. Today is is common for both men and women to have tattoos, often in the form of elaborate portraiture. For decades I hated the sight of any tattoo on a woman because, when I was young, the gold standard of beauty was a "pristine landscape." I have learned to appreciate one or two small, tasteful tattoos on a woman, but still do not consider it aesthetically pleasing to see a woman with large areas of her skin decorated.

    Thank you, dear friend Lux!

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    Every single tattoo tells a very special story.


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