Let's Cook Shrimp Tempura

11:59 AM

Let's Cook Shrimp Tempura

I spent last sleepless weekend learning how to cook my favorite shrimp tempura. I was supposed to go out of town, but since my buddy couldn't make it, me and my other friend went pigging out instead.

We cooked tempura and dried squid. I bought turnip (singkamas), which I love to munch with bagoong (shrimp paste). My friend went a little adventurous (probably due to lack of sleep) and made Mexican turnip tempura. Well, his mom liked it.

The trip to the beach was cancelled, but I still had fun and I learned something new. It's a good bargain.

We slaved away for 3 laborious hours in their kitchen, mostly because we were clueless, we bickered, we took pictures all the time and we were just too sleepy to move normally. I actually couldn't remember half of the topic we were discussing. Haha.

testing if the oil is hot enough
the shrimp murderer :)

Mexican turnip with sweet and spicy shrimp paste

Sleepless and fulfilled. 
Can't complain.

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