How to Make Cupcakes

8:06 AM

How to Make Cupcakes

Since one of my short term goals this 2014 is to learn how to bake, I wanted to start with something pretty basic. I wanted to bake a cupcake from scratch. As usual, thanks to the internet for making life easier.  

I browsed YouTube for different cupcake recipes. I chose this one video by AllRecipes because it's simpler.  

Baking cupcakes also looks easy and fun to do. I asked around and my colleagues said that yes, it's really easy to make. So I already asked them to help me with this project, and as always they agreed.  

I want to try this out because:

1.  I love, love, love desserts.
2.  I wanted to try something new this 2014.
3.  I've always wanted to try baking (I used to always make baked mac at home, but that's different).
4.  I love Two Broke Girls.  You know what I mean.
5.  Cupcakes look fun and festive and I think baking cupcakes will be unleashing the shy artist in me.

Our Valentine's Project is to make cupcakes and I'm super excited for it!

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