No To Fakes

11:37 PM

Imitation is the best, highest and sincerest form of flattery. But when you find out that you have a poser, it's rather disturbing.  

I discovered mine when a new friend asked me which account she will add since I have two profiles in the search results. This puzzled me. I only created one! I was taken aback when we checked. There are two of me! 

Honestly, it made me curious. Who would spend so much time and effort creating a fake Facebook account? Crazy.

One of my friends suggested that maybe I created it and forgot or maybe I just needed some attention. So I assessed myself (I really did).

Did it ever come to a point that I was so desperate to get other people's attention. I know I'm neurotic, but psychotic?

I tried as best as I could but I couldn't remember that day I snapped or got too bored that I did it.  So it wasn't me.  Thank God I'm still (a little) normal.

That's worse is when this poser's profile popped in my People You May Know section with the same profile pic as I'm using in my account. So s/he's updated.

It did bother me.  But i figured, maybe that's what this person wants. So I won't give him/her that. I'll just report and block the profile and go on with my life.

To my dear poser, thank you for the attention, but I honestly don't need it.  So be yourself.  There's more than enough me in this world anyway.

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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