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Beautiful Beginnings

3:08 PM

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Beginnings are beautiful because they are exciting. Sure it’s scary, but it’s only normal to fear the unknown. Uncertainties make you look forward to new and limitless possibilities.

My friend is getting married next month. It’s been a loooong time since her last relationship. I know of her story, and to say that I’m glad that she finally found the one is an understatement.

Do you know someone whom you believe deserves more than anyone to make a new and beautiful beginning? Anyone you believe deserves one great ceremony to mark her monumental beginning?

Weddings. What’s more symbolic than a wedding in starting a new life for two people?

There’s something about it that makes you (or I guess just the women?) relive your childhood dreams, especially the dressing up part!

Here I go again gushing about dresses. I can't help it. Especially when I saw the vintage wedding dresses from weddingshe. If you'll check it, you'll understand why.

I believe every girl deserves her happy ending. But more than that, she also deserves to have a beautiful beginning to share with her loved ones [Tweet this]. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess and be mesmerizing (all the time! but especially) during her wedding.

Speaking of feeling like a princess, did you know that you can also accessorize your wedding look with a gorgeous umbrella?

Forgive my lack of fashion knowledge, but I didn't know it until I checked wedding umbrellas of weddingshe. So princess-like!

Makes me consider having an outdoor wedding instead of a church wedding for my future. Hey, a girl can dream. *wink*

What new beginning are you looking forward to and with whom are you sharing it with?

If it’s a wedding, consider checking weddingshe dresses. They will mark the memory of that beautiful beginning for sure.

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  1. Wow, it's beautiful.

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.


  2. Oh yeah. Vintage ANYTHING always captures my heart ... and that dress, oh my.


  3. I love the first dress the best. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Hello again, dear Lux! When you reach your mid 60s, as I have, you might discover that you view every day as a new beginning and celebrate all the possibility it holds. I share my new beginning with everyone I encounter - family, friends, even strangers... ESPECIALLY strangers because, when you give kindness and help to a stranger, someone you will probably never see again, you practice the highest form of love - unconditional love.

  5. Wonderful thoughts indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

  6. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing this & for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  7. Marriage/Wedding is indeed exciting. My expected new beginning will be to behold the first fruit of my womb (my babies)

  8. It would definitely be lovely to hold a wedding service and ceremony in the garden instead of in a church building.

  9. It is gorgeous and I do agree, every girl should have a beautiful beginning and a happy ending!

  10. I have never seen anything but beautiful wedding dresses. Perhaps it is because the glowing beauty of the bride is what I notice more.

  11. " every girl deserves her happy ending. But more than that, she also deserves to have a beautiful beginning".. wow this is so true and I guess that also applies to men... I'm not thinking about marriage yet but If I will, I also want my relationship to receive a happy ending and I want to start it too with a humble yet beautiful beginning...
    thanks for sharing

  12. say I will get to wear a wedding dress.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  13. Norma and I have been married 45 years and consider it a good beginning --a grand adventure!

  14. Those wedding dresses are beautiful! I was fortunate enough to get my new start 10+ years ago. I am living the happily ever after that I never imagined I would get.

  15. I do believe that every girl should be able to have a beautiful wedding day. I just say my cousins get married and they have been dating since 13... to the same man all the time! I think they well deserved to have that beautiful ceremony. But sometimes the journey is harder for some of us and they end up kissing a lot of frogs along the way. I hope your friend has a lovely ceremony!

  16. I hope your friend has a wonderful wedding day

  17. Beautiful post !!

  18. That's amazing! Enjoy the wedding. :) Looking forward to the next chapter in my life. New job; meeting new people. Traveling to new places.

  19. Those are beautiful umbrellas. We are all princesses in His sight. I love how we are cherished and loved by Him. We are His masterpieces.

  20. Beginnings. Endings. And then beginnings again. I always become emotional at the sight of someone walking along the aisle and of a couple exchanging vows before the altar.

    The last time I witnessed such a life-changing event was years ago when my sister got married (unexpectedly). I was not in good terms with her after the wedding. We used to dream together and the wedding set everything aside. But everything is OK now, I learned to accept. She is very happy with the life she chose to share with her someone, and I am very happy too seeing my nephews and nieces growing up.


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