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Best In Costume: Flight Crews

12:25 AM

We had a chance to dress up as flight crews on one of our site's programs. 

I love dressing up.  It's like playing pretend all over again.

That's the advantage of having XX chromosomes. You get to apply in real life what you were once doing during your playtime as a kid. Applying make up, dressing up, cooking, housekeeping. Not all males get to use guns and swords in their every day lives as they grow old.

We won Best In Costume!

We wore our usual everyday corporate clothes and only added name plates, shoulder plates and logos out of colored papers.

Ingenious, right?

Female: white top, black/brown skirt, stilettos/pumps, scarf plus make up
Males: white polo, black pants, black ties, black jacket, pilot cap, shades, 
         : work jumpsuit

Props: suitcases, glow sticks, headset

Those, and a lot of confidence when we faced the judges. 

Best in Costume, it is.

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