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Unconventional Wedding Dresses

12:28 AM

Mermaid Prom Dresses

After reading about Jessica Biel's wedding dress (I didn't know she and Justin Timberlake were an item until I read the article), I got inspired to scout the internet for unconventional wedding dresses. 

Wedding dresses we often see are long immaculate white ones, usually satin or beaded. But brides and/or wedding fashions are becoming more progressive and bold causing raised eyebrows to the conservative and old-fashioned.  

Doesn't matter to me though. As long as the bride can pull it off, a wedding dress will always be gorgeous.  

Here are some unconventional wedding dresses that caught my eye.


And the winner of the most unconventional wedding dress goes to:

All Photos from: Google images

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  1. Wow! These wedding dresses are beautiful! I love the floral one towards the end :) It's definitely really interesting to see the new trend on wedding dresses, but I feel like I would probably stick to the traditional white. Although, I can't say for fore until the day comes, haha!

    1. I hope to see your picture on your big day. :) Thanks.


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